19 March 2011

never eat chocolate cookies while drinking orange juice it's gross


Meh not a life changing outfit, I literally just got this dress at goodwill yesterday after I went trolling around the city for jobs. Yes, it is logical: HAVE NO MONEY, SEARCH FOR JOB, SPEND MONEY BUT DON'T GET JOB!! Whatever man. I left my tripod at school so I just took outfit photos in the mirror like the old days.


Yeah, I'm growing my hair out. I tried to curl yesterday before some job interviews but it was not happening for some reason so now the ends of my hair are kinda fried as you kinda tell so I'm gonna chop some hair off before I touch up the color I already have. Whatevz.



I cleaned the mirror in my kitchen just for these pictures!!!!! The things I do for you people. Anyway I'm very tired from blood tests so I'm going to go sleep some more..........