24 March 2014

ari n me

ph by Tayler

Hung out with my angel Ari for the first time outside of the internet this Spring Break. I had a really beautiful Spring break full of cute people. I got this vintage suit thrifting the day before with Shelby actually. 


Also had a Rookie hangout. This is not from said hangout, it is from the last hangout. Some of us are pantless in the most current interations of the hangout (we were sweaty from Beyonce choreography) and so the internet can't see those. Sorry. 

So much love. 

13 March 2014


Well this blog is dusty. Let's see. I am now Editor/Main Bitch at The Style Con alongside Jenny Bahn so that takes up most of my time that I'm not using on homework or other projects. One of those projects is in collaboration with DIS magazine & other cool babes.

"As an accelerating market and major force in cultural change, fast fashion is the energy drink section of the fashion world. The panel will explore       the significance of fast fashion and its effects on contemporary ideas of intellectual property, authenticity, and coolness."

Here's the facebook invite. I hope I see you there!