07 April 2008

do you know the muffin man oh what the hell the brain is moving?!

Mr. Monday knocked on your door, did you beat him with a shovel or ask him in for coffee? I think I was pretty courteous. I didn't throw my alarm clock out the window this week, which is a huge improvement. Anyway, my scanner isn't working at the moment, but I will scan in the sketches eventually.

I love models. On the off chance I do mingle with them, they're just normal people except infinitely prettier. And well paid. And skinnier. And....well, mostly I like who I meet in the modeling industry. They're good at their jobs, and these lovely ladies make me ache for Summer and Spring hasn't even gotten halfway through!

Rich textures, heavy jewelery, crazy socks, this is exactly my kind of thing. A well-hemmed hippie skirt and a patterned shirt with some strings of jewelry and you're set. If you can't pull off multiple patterns at once, concentrate on one portion of your body and choose colors to complement or offset that pattern depending on the quirkiness you'd like to show. Of course, the socks are my favorite part of most of the shoots; layered or just plain eclectic socks with sandals really bring these shoots home to me.

So I present, from dark to light. Different settings yield equally beautiful results.

First on the table:
Magazine: Vogue Russia Issue: March 2008
Title: Sea Princess Photograher: Paolo Roversi
Verdict: Natalia + Paolo = unreal.

Really, this is such a beautiful shoot. It's such a shame that Natalia is going to be retiring soon (or so I hear); she's easily one of my favorite models. She very rarely disappoints me and quite frankly, I think she must be some really pretty alien creature because
  1. She's popped out babies and LOOK AT HER,
  2. Have you seen her underwear ads? She could stop traffic with that gaze
  3. She makes me feel better for having a bad hair today because it looks cool in this shoot.
  4. She gets the point of the shoot across wonderfully. These are just my favorite pictures from the spread, but in every picture it's just spot. on.
Magazine: Vogue UK
Issue: May 2008
Title: Desert Rose
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Verdict: Hot Americana....model could easily be a 5 year old though.

I love, love, love the styling of this shoot. I'm not very fond of yellow besides my pale yellow cardigan, but this really makes me want to go out and buy several yellow dresss and heinous shoes to clash with my already huge mountain of ugly socks. I've already taken the hint from this shoot and worn odd socks with shoes, and I like it quite a lot. The only thing I've got to say I don't like about this shoot is that Siri could have shown some more energy. It's the desert, you have Prada/Zac Posen/etc. on and a really cool trailer behind you. What the hell are you grumpy about?

Magazine: Vogue UK
Issue: May 2008
Title: The Sheltering Sky
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Verdict: asfdghgh;glkh everything about this shoot is perfect.

Oh. My. Everything about her is amazing in this....her eyes are so amazing, and she's not giving a model pout emo face like every other model I see now. She seems genuine in the photos, it's like everything she's wearing is a ball gown. She's stunning in every shot...and once again, shoes and socks! I love the combination here the best. I'm sure Abigail will appreciate the huge amount of jewelry in the third shot, too.

But this is my favorite interpretation. Jane from TFS. Zoe, if you think my wardrobe is ridiculous I'm pretty sure you're going to weep when you see hers.

Just. So. Cool.

click to enlarge the pictures! scans from foto_decadent and mixologies, many thanks.


Zoë said...

oooo i love these!
I wish i got like russian vogue
that would be hott

Belle said...

GAH do you have like a timer somewhere that tells you when I post?! ahahaha i just barely edited it and you posted already!

yeah, every VOGUE is wicked but US's. ;; lame.

Marilyn Hayward said...

I want Russian Vogue! I am now seriously contemplating finding one and reading it to use it as a 'cultural encounter' for my russian class. Inspired...

Belle said...

that would be quite possibly the coolest language supplement ever--and the most useful, probably.

thanks for the comment!

1234 said...

beautiful editorial shots! i never have enough money to buy foreign (not american) mags, so its really nice to see them on blogs! and i am also on the hunt for some wicked socks in crazy colours.

bewkworm said...

mmm, cool photos. the thrid set reminds of early madonna, you know, before she got desprate and "englsih". i want that necklace in the third picture so bad, it's costume jewlery on steriods.

Anouk said...

That last outfit is gorgeous :)

Belle said...

1 2 3 4: thanks! yes, foreign mags are always expensive! luckily the majority of the really good ones can be found online.

jew: i thought you'd like them. :P i know jewelry is your thing and all.

anouk: thanks for commenting! yeah, jane always has gorgeous outfits. :)


You should definitely check out the PS2! My brother basically just wants rid of it, so he's willing to settle for a pretty low price...

I really like the editorials you've brought up here. They're all very good to look at and draw inspiration from...

Oh and lastly, it's so good to hear that someone in the fashfash blogosphere enjoys Asian dramas! 200 Pound Beauty is one of my favorite movies as well! Have you seen Seducing Mr. Perfect? It's pretty good too, and you can watch via Veoh :)

wanna trade links? (you've already been added in my blogtown)

Belle said...

i'd love to!

yay more asian drama fans! see abigail, i'm not the only fashionista (ew, that word) that enjoys asian flicks! I haven't gotten around to seeing Seducing Mr. Perfect but I'll definitely see it this week. You should see My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, it's so catty and humorous, you'll love it if you haven't seen it before.

zoeeeee said...

both of those shoots had really amazing stylists, but yeah that yellow dress is so cool

The Clothes Horse said...

Natalia can't retire! What will we do without her fashion spreads?

Belle said...

it will be a sad, sad day in the fashion world....

Amelia said...

The skirt in the Russian Vogue spread is absolutely amazing--and her eyes are so gorgeous in that picture. OK, I admit I was kind of skeptical when you talked about the socks and sandals above, but the socks in both of the Vogue UK shots are awesome.

Belle said...

i'm glad you were honest about it then. i'm a bit skeptical too; i think it takes a certain amount of cajones to pull it off. it's not fun if you don't try though, eh?

thanks for replying. :)

Ediot said...

thanks for posting. amazing pictures. and YOU.

you rock the runway

Ediot said...

i thought it was you in the last pic.. im new to your blog.. :)

Belle said...

ahaha it's understandable. :) welcome to my blog! you'll love jane, she's the lovely lady in the picture.

Yasmin said...

great post! patrick demarchelier is my all time favorite photog.

Anonymous said...

got here through your lj. nice blog! thanks for giving credit to mixologies btw.

On Track said...

These are all fabulous shoots, very inspiring, thanks for the pics and the info :) another great post

hannah said...

these are all so wonderful. i especially like the second one.

Molly :] said...

Russian Vogue is amazzing.

iñaki said...

Anything Demarchelier shoots is amazingly perrrrfect!
Love you blog! :)


ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

hi girl :)
nice blo :)
i really love to read about fashion and magazines... xoxo

Belle said...

iñaki: agreed! Demarchelier is a lesser god with a camera. and thanks so much, right back at you. :)

molly: spearking of Demarchelier, I love your recent post on his work, it's beautiful. i just found another amazing shoot by him, i'll send you the link.

on track and hannah: thanks for commenting! i'm glad you like.

Jane said...

thanks so much for the mention! :)
that russian vogue spread is great!!
your blog is very entertaining too haha

Anonymous said...

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