23 April 2008

if you say girlfriend i'm going to say you beat orphans.

My legs are ded, my head is ded, my soul is pretty much on it's way as well. Today was exhausting.

Anyway, I ended up going shopping with Zoe. We've had it in the works for awhile, and despite some kinks we managed to go together and it kicked ass. Hell yeah.

All in all I spent $40 when under any other circumstances I'd be spending $170, at the very least. I want applause and possibly a medal.

Clockwise from left: Cheap Monday Jeans, $10; Shorts, Urban Outfitters, $10; Cheap Monday Jeans, $10; Hanes V-Neck 3 pack, $10

I love sample sales. The place was on the edge of SoHo, and we were delightfully under dressed which was actually good thinking because there were no changing rooms. I love long shirts.

It seemed that we weren't allowed to take pictures of the clothes there, which is such a shame because by god everything was so beautiful....and cheap! If I had $150 to spare I'd blow it all on the sample Vena Cava and Wayne they had there. But still, we came for Cheap Monday and we came out victorious. Prices ranged from $10-40.

We did shop around elsewhere; went to a few vintage places Zoe discovered. Nothing really caught our eye, and the one place Zoe wanted to show me ended up being closed. I might be able to swing by later this week by myself, who knows.

I'm really happy with my purchases, though. Perfect Spring shorts and wicked awesome jeans to boot! I'll be wearing these to the bone.....and off I am to go dance around dutifully as a start.

In other news, I'm on Teen Vogue. o_O
Famous for being a fashion pirate, ahaha.