05 May 2008

give me those jet lee pants before i rip them off you, biotch.

Narcissism is when you look in the mirror and say, "Damn, I want to sex myself." This is something I feel constantly. Besides the occasional ego strangling to be done by my dear friends I am actually extremely egotistical and enjoy reminding people of my awesomeness every other nanosecond.

So I wore my MCHammer pants again today. Over the weekend I'm going to try out different ways to wear it...a t-shirt is swell but I shall do the whole MCHammer shebang, complete with shoulder pads and 80's hoopla one day.

I've gotten a lot of comments at school about them, the most memorable one from Minion. Said she, "Dragon Ball Z much?" or something to that affect.

In spirit of the sucky 90's or whatever era it was from show, I have revealed my levitation powers.

I know, I amaze myself too sometimes.

*note that I'm totally kidding about the whole "I'm the most amazing person in the world" thing. Well, maybe....