04 May 2008

my weekend in summary

Warning: whiny teenage girl dead ahead. Runrunrunrunrun. This is more to get it out of my system than anything else. >_>

I love going places. I do not like necessarily the cost of public transportation to get there, but I do love the outcome. This weekend a lot of awesome things are happening, and I'm sitting at home.

Oh look I'm not here. Total minutes on the phone with friends that are there, letting me listen to the concerts they're at: 30. Total sightings of Jenny from Gossip Girl in scene queen garb: 1 (at the portapotty)

Also not here. I am not a bona fide City girl because I actually enjoy other parts of my state I guess. Hoboken doesn't stink, it's like the cheap Williamsburg. Not by much but hell it's still good considering. If you haven't been to the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival and you don't mind taking the train from the City, then drop by next year. The food and the stalls rock hard.

Mhm, etsy stalls, freebies, and live music. So worth going.

I think this is the first of it's kind by TV? I would have loved to go but I didn't buy the $12 ticket and from what I've gathered most kids brought their old Abercrombie & Fitch and the likes to it. If anyone went, how was it? What'd you bring back?

What I did do over my weekend: Rescue a dog. I shall name him Niblets in my mind because he was a pain in the ass (a shiny, cuddly pain in the ass) and made me jump over two fences and rip my favorite pair of jeans in the process. I'm not the fence hopping rebel 11 year old I used to be, sadly.

For the most part is was worth it. I love animals, even if shoving one between a fence and a wall made it bite me twice. I still love animals. Needless to said though, I'm a cat person for the most part. Maybe Niblets knew that.

Woooooooo. Ebay auction is going well wooooooooo.