24 May 2008

your cat is a small dog only it's better at wii bowling

So today I went to a new vintage store that opened up, Hello Again Vintage. Abigail, my trusty minion discovered them at the last city festival and they opened up last weekend. Hands down, they're my new favorite vintage store so far.

Perhaps not the best selection of dresses, but considering the size of the space (stretch your arm out in the dressing room, you'll touch the dress rack in the middle of the store) I can deal with it gladly. $20 can get you a dress and jewelry to go with, whereas in other stores and even ebay now you'd be hard pressed to find one thing for that price.

All of the above were under $15. Oh shit, can you hear the faint rustling of every dollar I own going into my purse for my next trip there?......yeah, I can too.

A sneak peak of the what ended up coming home to Abigail's. We got distracted by Mario Super Smash (me and her 9? year old brother kicked her ass, by the way) but I did take this picture. More tommorow, I promise.

Gahhh! Why did I jinx myself? I haven't got a proper camera anymore so if I do manage to take pictures it'll be a surprise. I'll see what I can do...plenty of time ahead of me, in any case. Sorry friends. >>