14 January 2009

Things That are Better than Looking at Ugly People:

  1. Comme des Garcons
  2. Yelling at the computer for having shitty fake Comme on ebay (this is a pastime of mine.)
  3. David Tennant
  4. Hooker Heels
  5. The White Stripes
  6. Japanese diary photologs (I have officially reached STALKER: DANGER ZONE. Also, no you can't have the link, I'm selfish muahaha)
  7. Taking a Bath and using watercolors to paint yourself
  8. Playing Hooky
  9. Looking in the Mirror (this may cause you to see more ugly people, be warned)
  10. Honey Nut Cheerios
  11. Llamas

Andrew Bird - From the Basement from QandnotU on Vimeo.

I am going to buy Comme for myself as a birthday present, listen to this song over and over again, and donate to Save the Children for the Palestenian children.

I visited some awesome people on my birthday.. and some really gorgeous clothes. I seriously cannot wait until I can show you what I've been doing lately. Boooo secrecy.