08 February 2008

pippi longstockings shuns the world.

The skirt is supposed to be higher on me, but then the leotard-cardigan would look and feel more awkward. So. It's not my favorite outfit but i like the color combination, it makes me very happy. I rather like my hair, though. It's the product of 8 swim teammates and their boredom. I did not cut my hair, but this makes it look like I did...I kind of like the result. It reminds me of when I was a hippie little kid on the beach. I had my hair in braids and beads for weeks and weeks, and all I did was sing and play in the sand. I distinctly remember eating oatmeal cookies and collecting sea glass in a leather pouch. Ah, I was such a peaceful child. I wonder what happened?

I have a mammoth blog post planned for tommorow--which is big, considering I don't usually plan ahead and everything I write is purely me rambling. It's about fashion week (surprise, surprise) and I'm being original and making polyvore outfits because I'm ace like that.

Right now I'm out of love with my wardrobe, though. I love skirts, dresses, and leggings, but I feel like it's just getting boring now. I want to get away with something insane. Hot pants. Feathers. Short hair like the pictures above. I want to be a kid again.

I want to wear my Koshino vintage jacket with black lame leggings AND OWN THE ROOM.

This is nothing new, my floral infatuation, but nevertheless I will show you what's on my watchlist on ebay:

Sevigny Dress from Treasure Chest vintage; she's a great fashion blogger too. I love her ebay. I love the other floral dress and sequin dress in the store too.

80's vintage tired ruched strapless dress. It's very long and dramatic and ruched. And that background? Hideous, makes the dress look like crap. But somehow I still like it. Other than the fact I would never wear it practically unless I killed the length... and that's partially why I like it ..... I want it anyway. I don't even know if I like it because it's ugly or because it's pretty. It reminds me of a runway this Fashion week, I can't for the life of me remember which.... Herrerra? I'm not sure.

80's Vintage oversized slouchy cowl kimono sweater dress
. It's the perfect sweater dress. I want sequins. I want kimonos. This is both.

It's a very bare watch list. I just want a lot of clashing clothes, really, because I need some discord in my outfits to match the discord in my life. (*melodramatic music here*) And leggings. Shiny, black, silver leggings.