08 February 2008

now i know why i want that dress from before.

From Facehunter, where else?

Now I realize my watch list isn't so weird after all. (And makes me wish for that dress from the last post even more.)

Sorry about the lack of a huge post here, I'm not quite finished (or rather, I haven't even started typing up the post) because I've been getting distracted by other things... like more photoshoots.
Like Teen Vogue's 'rock and roll' spring photoshoot. It's a bit weird, but I feel jipped. I want the guy's clothes (and the guy) more than the girl's wardrobe, although it's given it's pretty too.

click to enlarge.

The girl's outfit is easy to recreate, even the jeans.....even though I don't think they're all that great. Nevertheless, the gradient thing is going to be huge this Spring, of course.... I still have to get around to buying dye for some tights. Abigail, that means a trip during Lunch B. I can see an easy recreation with Cheap Monday jeans (with a self-dye job, if you're daring) and a vintage blouse or one from F21 and a shrug. I don't like shrugs though. The outfit is kind of....average for me, with the exception of the jeans.

I need that boy's jacket though. Another World's Vintage had one two days ago when I went to the art opening/free hair cut/whatever, but I doubt it's still there. One of the guys there (good taste, my friend) was eyeing it. I'll keep an eye out on ebay though.

click to enlarge.

It's funny how what makes her outfit is vintage, when typical readers might assume you can buy things that can be compared to the clothes in the photoshoots from their local mall. I find that very, very amusing, and maybe I feeel kind of snobby too. Shoot me. But anyway. I love the maxi skirt/dress, although I could never wear it because I am 1) short and 2) clumsy. The leather jacket is fierce though. Then again, considering it's Gucci, I'm not exactly going to be getting it any time soon. It's cruel, but the most interesting thing in this picture to me is the guitar.

click to enlarge.

Yay, Japanese plugs. Yoji Yamamoto is pretty ace. I love the shirt the most, and it's from that designer. I absolutely adore the shoes, although you can't see the detailing very well. This is a pretty easy to attain look, a babydoll or pastel colored dress from your local mall with an eye popping shirt. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out (but oh look, I'm here doing it for you anyway!)

Teen Vogue isn't exactly my go-to-place for high fashion photo shoots, so I'm not exactly displeased. I didd enjoy their previous photoshoot--geek glasses, pretty romance, the whole shebang--more but this showcases the trends pretty well.

But I don't really care about the trends right this moment, I am still in my leggings dilemna. My friend is ordering them for me, only she hasn't done it yet. I keep on checking various sites they are on clearance at to make sure they're still in stock. God help me if they aren't tommorow, if you hear a strange animal like shriek sometime this weekend you'll know who and why it's happening.

Moving on. (I am just so delightful at graceful changes of subjects, yessir.)

I am in love with this lovely lady's style:

She has such adorable style. And she's a bona fide Asian! As in, she has gone to Japan! And therefore has the instinctive amazing style that is given with being Asian and going to Japan!

Maybe if I stare at her blog long enough it will rub off.

But yes, you definitely need to check out her blog, it's killer: It's A Bit Personal. =] Gogogo.

And also, my favorite photoshoots on foto_decadent this week are below. (Stephanie, your blog post on the Alice in Wonderland one made me look, so I shall give credit where credit is due. Don't listen to the haters, [yeah, like you'd do that, haha] because you and your blog are fantastic.)

ph Zena Holloway on foto_decadent. Stunning, isn't it? Click the cut for more.

Alice in Wonderland with Natalia Vodianova. Test your knowledge and see how may designers you can recognize off the bat.

No outfit for the day. I wore an oversized knit sweater with a panda on it and had my hair in pigtails. I look like a lion or a mermaid now, with the out. Pretty awesome.

However, I do have my friend's outfit. He had the coolest outfit in the school. No lie.

New Facehunter? Maybe not, but I got the job done. In pigtails and crooken glasses. A medal would be nice.

See you tommorow!