20 February 2008

skittle fingers. (jazz hands are so last season.)

I have to study for tests so I made Abigail post something. I don't have the same taste in jewelery (I like costume jewelry and ironic figurines) but she has some interesting finds. So. I made her post. This way she can't ever insult my blog because she contributed to it! If I could pat myself on my back for my genius I would. In fact, I am going to go find a way to do that right now and leave you to her. Cheers!

It’s me (Abigail/Joey/Minion), not Arabelle! Aren’t you exited?

Now, I’m not a big fashion person. I’m the first to admit it; I pretty much just pull on the first thing I see, and hope I don’t get cold. However, there is one thing I can get passionate about, and that’s jewelry. I’m like a magpie, attracted by anything that sparkles. Or nail polish. I dig nail polish, I really do. As of right now, 10 colors. Oh yeah. But I digress, jewelry is cool. Like this:

1) Riceball Earrings on etsy

makes me feel all Asian.

However, I’m not here to show you cool stuff I found on Etsy. I was looking through New York magazine’s spring fashion photos, and although the clothes bit didn’t really hold my interest, the jewelry did. It was all big-ass chunky stuff. And I, being the impressionable person I am, immediately decided I wanted some. Big Lucite neon bangles and ginormous tacky necklaces are now the stuff of my dreams. I think this will be appearing tonight


in every color, as they sprout legs and $100+ price tags and dance away. Maybe one of these rings will sprout wings and have me chase it, spreading candy and fairy dust in its wake.

1) Hand carved tapered bangle made from Lucite; $135 at alexis bittar

2) Star studded hand carved lucite, $165 at alexis bittar

Well, I can’t think of a way to properly end this, so I will just post some random video.


Wendy said...

The sushi earrings are adorable! I pay really little attention to accessories which I need to fix.

Marilyn Hayward said...

Hooray for big chunky bracelets! I love!

Hana Alisa? said...

The onigiri earrings! They're sooo kawaii! x

gaohui said...

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