12 February 2008

you're in season denial. DENIAL.

So. This is my day in a nutshell. Beware the awkward poses!!111.

Well now. Wasn't that fun? I really get way too much enjoyment from a Stetson Original hat and a camera in a snowstorm. It's the only fun, actually. Today I was irritated it started snowing.
I am not a Snow Scrooge, no sir, in fact I do enjoy me some pummeling of Joey (Abigails newest nickname, after her favorite Ramone.) but due to my SMART DRESSING for the WEATHER I really couldn't do anything except get pushed around by Michael in the snow when he wanted me to join in on snow surfing. Because, you know, he thinks it's completely practical to snow surf in a skirt and flats. Oh yes.

I'm just fed up with winter. It never snows hard enough for a snow day, and if we have no school tommorow when it's going to be a half-day anyway I'm going to be pissed.

But anyway. What I wore underneath the coat:

From what I wore around the school (the sweater) to what was underneath to the jacket I wore later on that day. With mah hat. I love my hats. I love this scarf. I love block colors. Wheee.

Today I felt kind of Gossip Girl and kind of Fall Season 08 Proenza Shouler with my color combinations. (The tights come off as a kind of purplish grey but they really are just grey.) Proenza was on top of things this runway collection, everything was very wearable so I figured I'd take some inspiration from her.

(image from stylebytes. =])

Speaking of inspiration....you know that amazing dress Keira Knightly wore in Atonement? A dress from my dreams. I saw the previews and I'm probably going to see the movie sometime this weekend with the power of the intarwebs, just beccause I've been staring at the previews and pictures of the dress for the past two days and I want it so hard.

Well, if you've got a few thousand lying (at least $7000 to outbid the current bidder) around and you love the dress as much as me, you can get it, because it's up for auction.

Speaking of Keira herself.....a lot of girls I've been talking to lately on style forums say they draw a lot of inspiration from her. I do too, to a certain extent, I love her boyish but classic wardrobe with fedoras and fitted suits and the like. It doesn't hurt she's a genius, either. But she's not my main icon. I don't really know who I look up to who's a celebrity. Kate Moss? Sure, for some things, she's fearless. Irina L? Definitely some. But as for real Hollywood A-listers, I'm drawing a blank. I love street style, quirky offbrand designers and so much more than people that grace magazine covers. It's definitely because of how attainable and inventive their looks are, they might have something in my very own closet but wear it totally differently. And I like that. I like the concept of easily attainable fashion. Designer brands are too lofty for me, and besides, they get paid and make money from making something new, but street kids just get a second glance and maybe a photo. But they are inspiration for high brands. They are the beginning and end to the trends. But they're seldom the first ones on most girls minds when they think of style 'icons'.
I don't get it.

Maybe I've just been sniffing too much snow.
*kills pun*