10 February 2008

gradients for five.

I am in love with this sweater. It's the shit. No lies. Wayyy better than the one's UO is selling, am I right?

(All from Urban Outfitters. The first one is on sale for $19.99, if you want it go ahead.)

Of course I'm right. xD And the price is amazing. Because it was free, in the back of my closet. It's dyed cashmere. It's the perfect oversized sweater (although I wish it was longer, I'm not complaining) and I feel like I'm floating in it. I asked my mum about it and she said she got it for $5 in some market and when she looked up the brand it was going for retail $150 when she purchased it. Oh yes. Hot $5 well spent. The belt and tights and shoes I got vintage thrift new / used / gift respectively. It's too short to wear for anything but a party right now so when I wear it out and about it'll have some nice shorts underneath. Dunno which pair though.

During Saturday classes, I was looking at shoes. Shoes of all shapes. Shoes of all sized. Shoes...shoes...shoes......oh my god... shoes.

Everyone in the whole world needs a pair of shoes exactly like the sixth pair. Yes. You. And the hobo down the street. Or at least, every Chinese person. (Xing nian quai le, by the way.) But seriously, aren't they fantastical?

I love the two toned oxfords the most, though. They were designed to compliment the mid length skirts and elegant evening gowns in the movies of the time, apparently. The fouth pair is described by this: "During times of economic hardships shoe designers were forced to use more fabric and less leather. This shoes from Harrod's are an example of shoes of the period."

Oh well damn. If we're going into a recession now I want shoes like THOSE to come out of it.