04 February 2008

the shoe monster and my scarves of the day.

Flash makes and breaks me, yessir. I am not, actually, playing air guitar in the first picture. Thank you for laughing/asking.

Everything was thrifted and/or found in my closet amongst the chaos.

I felt like Piksi today, and that is absolutely not a bad thing. She's undoubtedly one of my fashion idols, her style is impeccable and if I had a fraction of her coolness I would die happy.

The inspiration outfit:

I worship her wardrobe.

Right now I'm trying to experiment with the different items in my wardrobe, but I tend to gravitate to tried and true outfits. For such a big wardrobe the majority of it is 80's, and while that's all well and good I don't want to be just an 80's kid. Of course, I'm reluctant to wear my 80's outfits because I really want shiny leggings from AA and without them I'll feel kind of incomplete now. Curses.

Oh yeah, Zoe, you said you wanted to see my closet a few posts back? This is actually 3/4 of my mother's closet, my closet is spread out between a few small corner closets and my huge tacky wooden wardrobe. It's difficult to put into one image.

My shoe holder thing exploded when I came home, so I decided to just dump everything in one spot and show you. I'm kind of surprised I have so many brown toned shoes, I'll have to fix that. It's depressing to realize how many of these shoes don't fit me perfectly, either. I'll probably sell a few pairs by the year's end, since they're not getting much use.

I think if you split the picture down the middle you'll get a decent picture of how many shoes don't fit properly/need to be repaired (on the left) and the ones I wear into the ground (to the right). Hmm.

Those shoes I was coveting, those oxfords? Sold for $80+ dollars excluding shipping. I'm not surprised, but I'm not exactly happy either.... I was hoping I could pretend to afford them, but alas, I don't even have $10 to scrounge together.

But money woes aside, I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday. I don't really know how short it will be, I don't have any idea what cut, either..... but it's free, from my favorite stylist, and $0 instead of $60+ like usual is a deal I don't think would be exactly smart to pass up.

And also, the salon is a vintage store (on the expensive side, but it does occasionally have killer dresses) so it's always fun to visit and try on stuff. Oh, did I mention the salon is being taped by Style Network for it's own series? Fun stuff. Carla wants a nice turn out for support, which is why I'm going to get a free haircut.

Balance Salon and Another World's Vintage.


So, based on the pictures you've seen of my hair, do you think I should get a trim or something new? I was hoping for a newer, shorter style, but I don't know if my jaw would be too strong for something above shoulder length.

I wish I could pull off bangs, man. Like Irene L.

Or this chick from the Mike and Chris Lookbook, she just radiates urban chic. I'm very into that right now, with the amazing new Alexander Wang collection and my long-time infatuation with Mike & Chris. The fall lookbook doubles as my wishlist, although I do have plenty of leather jackets.

Everyone needs to mark their calendars for March 2nd, because

Jovovich Hawk is coming to Target.

Ohyeah. I personally want Look 1 from their collection to be released, and it's pretty affordable so I'm happy about that. Look 8, 20, and 21 are pretty nice as well, but I'm going to have to see them up close and personal to make a decision on those items. The Dress in Look 1 fits the bill for a nice floral dress for Spring, though, so I'm heading to get one day one of the collection's release.

A great article I'm reading right now in the NY Times about traveling and how to pack for jetsetting while still looking your best:

An excerpt:

“The simpler the better,” said Tommy Fazio, the men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman. “I basically wear navy and gray, so everything is interchangeable. If you think about your closet, there are 10 things you always wear. So you pack those things, some basics to go with, and you can travel for two weeks.”

In the end, clothes that make it easy to look good are the best things designers can offer — and the smartest things men can buy.

Superfly, no?

With that I bid you adieu.