31 January 2008

come to think of it, you were never normal.

outfit of the day. i just can't get enough of this shirt, man. These tights are pretty funky too. Yay, childrens store tights and yay short legs!

Shirt: ANMT, $10
Skirt: H&M, $5
Tights: Children's Place, $3
Shoes: Grandmothers
'The Hat': Some closet.

Today a lot of people kept on mentioning my style, in random conversation and even in class discussions in English. Something came up about the meaning of avant garde and fashion and the like and how avant garde means 'ahead of it's time'. People suggested kids in the school who dressed 'avant garde' and I came up. I don't get it, actually. I dress literally like my parents, so I'm pretty much behind in times, aren't I? I guess fashion comes full circle that way. At one point in your life, you will love something so much you can't really leave it behind when times change and trends move forward--so what if it's not 'in' now, it suits you and it's fantastic. Besides, in a few years it'll be in again, and your coolness will be redeemed.

So I guess even 'unfashionable' people are fashionable at one point in their life. Fashion cycles.

But then I disagree with the whole idea of who's unfashionable and who's not. It gets confused with personal style, doesn't it? Alright, some things just aren't forgivable, like mom pants and maybe tucked in Kiss T shirts (with ugly jeans. I like Kiss T Skirts with rad jeans. Speaking of Kiss T Shirts, I want one.) but who is to define whats fashionable and whats not?

Is there some sort of club that writes the rules?

I say break them. Break them all, maybe not all at once but enough to change the way you see things and how people see you. Fashion and style are wholly different things, I'd prefer to have style than fashion sense because fashion can change and truthfully, be a bit ugly, but if your style suits you than it's fabulous. It's unique. It's something only you can get away with, your style is your second skin.

But break the skin occasionally. Don't get too comfortable, because then you can get lazy and then that just leads to trouble. My friend Gabby sad I have 'personal style--set in stone, things I like and things I don't, and you can get away with stuff that makes other people look insane'. I don't know If I like that or not. I love being able to be unique in a crowd but being predictable in my style kind of miffs me. It makes me feel like I'm expected to wear the 'weirdest' thing in the room, because it's 'me'. I want to try a little bit of everything, and being pressured into wearing something because it's 'my style' isn't my idea of a variety.

I guess what I'm trying to say if find your personal style and work it, but don't be stuck with it. You change and evolve, and your style should too. I don't want to be known as the girl with the 'bowlers hat' (thats actually what I'm known for, I wear that hat everywhere) but just the girl with some style, you know?

I don't care much about trends and fashion unless it's something I can really incorporate into my style and make it my own. So next time I go shopping, I'm not going to pick out the first thing I see that I like, I'll go for something out of my comfort zone, that makes me unsure. I need to break the skin.

I really just want to explore and develop my own style, but make it something unpredictable even to myself. Everything I wear is too calculated, spontaneity is lost on me and that's kind of sad. I want to be stylish on a subconscious level--and that is a lofty goal, indeed.

EDIT: And my blog title is fashionpirates. Hahaha. Shoot me.

this is a very amusing mannequin. I would like to name her Sir Bobby.