28 January 2008

is that aztec gold or are you just happy to see me?

Long time no talk, huh? Anyway, I've got to keep this short because four lovely midterms are awaiting me and their nice shiny big red pens of failure are just itching to write all over my papers. Sorry I haven't updated--life has been hectic, and until thursday it'll remain that way.

Outfit of the day:
Shirt: Charlotte Russe; $15
Skirt: Thrifted, $15
Tights: random sock store, $3
Shoes: vintage
Jewelery: The usual gifts and thrifted.

Proportions. High waist, high neck, low rise, vneck. The eighties slouch, the god-knows-when manly shoulders, the skintight and the um-your-crotch-is-where? Proportions can make or break an outfit and define the times. Sometimes, though, the proportions that are 'in' aren't necessarily for you. Take for example babydolls. Geez, some girls just shouldn't wear babydoll shirts and dresses, and then others make it look fabulous. I like high waisted stuff, personally, because it makes me feel taller. And trust me, I need those few imaginary inches, I'm practically a midget. What are your favorite proportions? Can YOU rock shoulder pads? (I would give you my children if you could and not look like an idiot.)

Also. To Toady: IF YOU GET THAT SCOTTISH KILT THING I DEMAND YOU WEAR IT WITH ALL THE PLAID IN YOUR WARDOBE. So I can get you a bagpipe. And also maybe some sheep. Yes, sheep. Like that mattress commerical. Yes, they'll talk. They'll talk all about your kilt thing. All. Day. Long.

I want a job. And to pass my midterms. So on that frantic (you can hear my voice go up an octave for every minute I procrastinate, I swear on my nail polish) note I will go to studying/wailing that I'm going to fail.