19 January 2008

global warming and that kill bill flashing light feeling.

Ok, winter, you have failed me as of today. I understand the whole global warming thing--I'm sorry about keeping my light on for longer than necessary this week, I'll make up for it somehow, okay? But there's no need to be all huffy. Give me so snow or move on to spring, please. Don't dilly daddle in between with some random cold fronts and then slush and then cold-but-not-cold-enough-for-my-really-cool-jackets-but-not-warm-enough-for-light-ones. I want my spring fashions! Florals! Crazy fabrics! Vibrance! Now now now!

*Raises a fists and shakes*

Anyway. While we're in this awkward slump, not quite in the middle of winter fashion but not quite in Spring, I've been getting sneak previews of new collections, new (or old, depending on your perspective) trends.

Lately i've been seeing a lot of vintage inspired bags popping up everywhere--actually, vintage inspired pieces are everywhere, they've reached the mall outlets. I'm not exactly surprised, and I'm a bit excited to see how one of a kind vintage pieces can be translated into mass produced products again.

F21 has caught onto the lace, ultra-feminine fad and I'm delighted with the black lace shirt i picked up from there. They have these gauzy ruffled shirts that are pretty nice, but I try to
shied away from F21 for most of my shirts, because I'd hate to walk down the street and see another girl in the same shirt. The horror, really. I especially like this clutch, although I don't think it's as endearing as the vintage pieces it's inspired by.

I've seen quite a few bloggers toting the true vintage ones, and every one of the bags are just doll.

Liebemarlene, for example, is seen with one and looking adorable to boot. But then when doesn't she? And then there's the snail and the cyclops, looking amazing and setting girls to ebay for anything like her stuff.

It's not that bad of a choice on ebay to find them (bags) either, although it really depends on how big you want it. The local vintage store has them for around $25+, depending on how large. I'm quite happy with the one I already have, though. I got it for free, since it was my grandmothers.

Front and back view. Sorry for the terrible lighting and whatnot, it was the middle of the hallway and probably the only blank wall in the whole house. We're a bunch of packrats.

But anyway. Moving on from the vintage bags (ebay search: needlepoint vintage bags), I'd like to make a point on black leather jackets.

They're amazing and every person in the world should have one. Not necessarily real leather, but just a nice looking leather jacket because they can make an outfit likethat. Mike & Chris have an amazing collection of jackets (and everything else for that matter.....I would like to own at least one article of clothing from them eventually, check them out)

Here's a few jackets I'm digging for spring, and all year round for that matter:

1) luisaviaroma.com ; € 1248.00
2) mike & chris at rarechic.com ; $889
3) JBROS leather jacket at yesstyle.com; $495

Zara's has got great leather jackets as well, but I can't seem to find any decent pictures of their inventory right now.

The thing is about quality leather jackets is that they're very expensive.... (no shit, right?) I, again, have a reason why I don't need to buy one because:

  1. my mother designed a green leather bomber jacket specifically for me, and it fits me like a glove. if only i knew where i put it. >>;
  2. i have plenty of vintage leather jackets due to the neverending expanse that is my mothers closet.
  3. i'm poor.

Anyway, it's getting late and I'm going to content myself with some late night Asian dramas, because I'm cool like that.

! (aware i'm totally american, thanks for that eyeroll)