30 January 2008

give me that ferrero rocher and i'll give you some babies.

Break out the pinatas babyyyy.
Or just give me spring. I would probably like that much better, and the risk of people getting hit in the head with a bat would be much lower.

Anyway, I've been browsing sites and blogs and have come to the conclusion that grey, green, and flowers are the best things in the world. Currently, I'm coveting these items:

1) Oxford wing tips, size 7/12 on ebay
2) seattle based jewelery artist with amazing, diverse pieces. i especially love the dangle earrings, although this necklace is an outfit maker in itself. there's something for everyone. check out vesper jewelery.
And I haven't found a lace dress I like yet. Meh.

I found this amazing coat. Tell me you haven't seen lookalikes on foto decandent. On Facehunter. Go on, tell me. Maybe in a different color, but still the same amazing silhouette.

I'm going to go find a lookalike somewhere when I go thrifting, I will. I love coats, especially crazy ones. Eighties coats especially, they're always crazy colors and patterns.

The random urge to buy a lot of suitcases has come over me. Not necessarily vintage, either, just cool suitcases. I'm really disappointed in the lack of nice, inexpensive suitcases and bags for my laptop (17" widescreen), and the ones I like usually have a high price tag or they're just an inch too small for my laptop. It's frustrating. So, suitcases. I like suitcases, they can do no wrong. And trunks too.

When you think of trunks, don't you think of Hogwarts or traveling the globe? Maybe that's just me. I remember I was coming back from Taiwan last Spring and I saw these two kids with the coolest trunks ever. Not suitcases, trunks. They were this amazing teal color with brass or gold handles and lots of old, retro stickers and I remember stalking them for about a half hour before I got lost and had to ask the guy in starbucks in mandarin where all the Americans were.

On a random note (do I sing any other?), I was browsing through my favorite shops on ebay and I happened upon this dress:

I could really see myself in it, but I have enough dark clothes. I love ebay clothes, they make them seem so much cooler than going to the store. But anyway, Toady, I think you'd look pretty good in this. Maybe it's just the ascot ("ascot!") and the tights that remind me of you.

Anyway. I only had 5 hours of sleep so I'm going to catch up now.

Nice small band that made my day. =]