22 January 2008

i miss my brokeback knight and these pearls represent my tears.

Wutsup nukkas. Sorry for the absence yesterday, it was a long and overall very irritating day which consisted of me having my hair in a towel most of the time and sleeping under swimming bags in my pajamas. Oh, and swimming. But mostly me sleeping, and I don't think that merits a whole post to itself.

Today was colder than usual and relatively boring, with mid-terms coming up everyone is either a) rushing to make excellent cheat sheets b) rushing to study c) not caring and pretty much failing at being a McNerd (the lovely name given to students that attend my high school.)

Me? I'm partaking in all of the above, in a way. Eventually I'll get to studying. But for now, i'm content with looking at pretty pictures in class. Not much to blog about today for me; I'm going to try to scrounge up some money to go thrifting with Toady again sometime this week but most likely I'll just tag along and make puppy eyes and whatnot.

When I go, I'll be looking for these staple items for my spring wardrobe:

  • Bright, vibrant colors in hectic patterns! I have plenty of dark colors, I need to lighten up my wardrobe for spring.
  • Floral. Preferably a floral high waisted skirt or maybe a dress, but I want it to be either very crazy and out there or very delicate. There may be no. compromise.
  • Jumpsuits and more high waisted pants, shorts, etc. I have about two pairs of high waisted pants and a lot of 'eh' high wasted shorts, they're on the baggy side and not really my style.

I want more skirts, since I've got plenty of tights of all textures and colors, so Ill probably be focusing on more interesting items for the waist down my next thrift. Mostly 80's stuff most likely, I'm an 80's whore.

The sweaters I mentioned in my previous post are nothing short of amazing. I'm definitely putting at least one up for auction on ebay this week, the other one to the thrift store when I go with Toady.

Sorry for the lack of substance in todays post, in return have a little of the Hoosiers to get you by this week. I have them on rotation. They're not letting me embed it, but I trust you can click on the link. =]

"Goodbye Mr. A" by The Hoosiers