18 January 2008

you're looking particularly tappy today.

Just wanted to wear the stooges shirt today (don't you just want to wear something immediately after you buy it? I do, in any case). It's kind of a boring alternative to a full skirt, but I was running late. Nevertheless, I think I looked pretty swell. I tend to wear jeans on Fridays and skirts or dresses every other day because I go to the mall and pro it out on the ITG machines or go into Chinatown. This week, I was planning to go back to ANMT (the local thrift store) to buy a shirt for a friend but things came up.

second pic: here
Shirt: vintage, AMNT, $10
Leather Suspenders (not entirely visible): my dad's design
Jeans: Wet Seal, $20
Checkered vest: Adam Douglas, mothers
Jacket: dad's design
Shoes: Joan & David, mothers
Sunglasses and jewelery: thrifted and gifts respectively.

I got a new lace shirt today. It's black, delicate, and very gothic lolita. It's got a small tear of the lace on the sides, but I'll fix it over the weekend.

Hmmmm. Selling vintage clothes on ebay. I'm wondering, how do you get started? I know you can always list things and whatnot--the bare basics, yes, but I'm a bit clueless as to everything else. Liebemarlene, you make it seem so easy! And you too, Sally Jane.

It fascinates me how a skirt can go for $60 + shipping in an ebay shop and if you were to find one like it in a thrift store it might cost $40. What's more, ebay shops vary so much, from their presentation of products (mannequins? models?) to the final prices their items sell for.

What do you look for in a ebay vintage store? What makes it different from a regular thrift store? Presentation? How much would you pay for an item you've never tried on before? What turns you off and on? Experiences, anyone?

On that note, I bid you goodnight. Have a little Three Stooges.