16 March 2008

anticrombie hollizombie.


Long time no blog I see! It's pathetic how after thanking you guys for all the hits I repay you by neglecting blogger for 4 days. But anyway, my cold is nearly gone and thank you to all the well wishers. =D You all make me smile.

Anyway, I made my friend take better pictures of her lovely handmade (!) bag noted in last post and describe how she made it.
Taylor says she first made the little owls, and then cut out the outer panel sizes she wanted-- two 11 x 14, two 4 x 11, and one 4 x 14. Then she made two top pieces to put a zipper in, which were approximately 14 x 4 each. After that, she cut the same measurements out of her lining fabric and made pockets.

Then, she took one piece of lining and outer lining that were the same size, and ironed the outer edges so she could sew them easily. One top of each pocket she used seam tape to sew off the rought edge. Then, she had two pockets on the inside and one on the outside for her cell phone (I'm hating her right now for being so amazing at this, seriously) so she sewed the outer pieces so it made a little box. After that she sewed the lining so it would be a little box you shove into the outer box (.......okay then) and then made straps which she doesn't remember the specific length for. She took a piece of the lining of the same length as the straps and pinned it all together to sew them up, and then pinned the straps to the top of the outer layer so the edges would be hidden. Repeated that on the other side. Then she pinned the zippered top part.

After that, you sew one long side of the outer with the straps, repeated that with the inner, and then the short side. Repeat that with the other short side, etc. After that you sew the outer of the other log side and whip stitch the inner on that same side.

No pictures of how she did it but she did provide us with a lot of jealously and drool inducing pictures. Also, she is going to be opening an online crafts shop sometime in the near future and I already have dibs on the first bag. Yeah, I think ahead.

Anyway, yesterday I went shopping with Zoe. It was a gorgeous day out yesterday, so I was naturally going to sit on my ass all day and finish watching My Girl because I'm a lame asian girl with a natural inclination to fangirl profusely on asian actors I don't even share the same language with. Zoe, being the lovely girl that she is, dragged me out of the house and we were mallin' it like the white fashionistas we pretend to be.

Here are some pictures of our adventure in the suck ass mall we're closest to.

These were the shirts we purchased. OF COURSE I'M KIDDING GOSH.. Heh. But seriously, how hideous are these? Oh yes. So vintage. Hardcore thrift score right there. Good going Charlotte Russe. I' totally going to rock it well. Totally.

Yeah, we have like 10 shoe stores in the mall and the gift shop by far had the coolest shoes. I wanted to cry.

The first one scared the crap out of me. It's much scarier up close, I was going to take a close up on her/his/it's deranged expression but people kept on staring and yeah it was awkward and I bet they thought I was a pervert. Honest to god though, the second one looks like it was stolen from an Adult Store. Really. Wow. The one on the right is like, ''What the hell am I doing with these crazy bitches oh my god my life as a mannequin is totally over and this outfit is so ugly oh my god I want to shoot myself ahhhhhh.

I also ended up trying on clothes with Zoe just for fun, particularly this great looking white spring dress from f21. It was one of my fat days and I am going to avoid going to f21 for awhile now because it makes me feel really bad about myself because everything I want I look bad in. Sigh. Those kinds of days suck. =/

All I wanted out of the trip (and all I could afford) was a three pack Hanes Men's V neck T-shirt but the only store I saw it in had them for $11 dollars (?!?!) and Target was all sold out. What the hell.

Weep with me.

sorry for the not-really-fashion-related-mostly-me-ranting-about-my-mall post but I really wanted to share it with you guys. =D