18 March 2008

late night cramming distraction ahhh

8 Things I Am Passionate About

1. fashion. uhdurr.
2. .........cursing? D: wow i really have a bad habit there.
3. nail polish. every day, i must do my nails or i feel incomplete.
4. making people smile.
5. debates! give me something to argue about and i will totally own your ass.
6. volunteering at the local animal shelter.
7. swimming, i guess? i love to win. i live to make the other girls eat my bubbles. (haha lame.)
8. asian culture. i'm not really in tune with the taiwanese culture in my family, sadly enough but i really love all things asian--music, manga, dramas, street style. regular japanophile.

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. live happily.
2. (insert obscene actions to deal with koreans, many many hot koreans or just one really hot korean in various positions? eh.)
3. live in a foreign place. prague, tokyo, and south korea top my list.
4. open an actual store of my own. pahahaha.
5. own an exotic animal. like the albino ferret i had for awhile. or a monkey. monkeys are cool.
6. get lasik eye surgery. NO BLINDNESS YEAH.
7. go to 300 concerts in a year. i miss you warped tour.
8. get really disgustingly dirt rich and then burn it all. don't give it to charity. don't invest it. just throw it all away.

8 Things I Say Often (not phrases, just adjectives/adverbs)

1. EPIC.
2. fuck.
3. hoskank.
4. jew
5. fail
6. win
7. probably
8. desu

now that i read it over i don't know why i have any friends whatsoever.

8 Books I Have Read Lately

1. salome by oscar wilde
2. the overachievers
3. julius caesar
4. ethan frome
5. slaughterhouse five
6. masquerade
7. uzumaki: volume 3
8. the lion and the lamb (fanfiction)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

1. goodbye mr. a by the hoosiers
2. a story of balloons by DBSK
3. anything by the smallfaces
4. innocent sorrow by abington boys school
5. JYONGRI - Possesion (vocal track)
6. pleasure ryland
7. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches
8. fan - epik high

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

1. they're the exact opposites of me or in one case, the soul sister.
2. they're love me even though i'm 99% of the time an aggressive bitch that blurts out everything before thinking about it! like what i'm typing now.
3. they know i'm insane and aren't surprised when i walk around the neighborhood in a boa and pajamas and a water balloon if only for the story of walking around in said neighborhood in a boa and pajamas with a water balloon.
4. they tell it to me straight when i don't want to hear it.
5. they laugh at me and let me laugh at them (well i laugh at them anyway but whatever.)
6. they occasionally dress well and let me steal their clothes and never return them ever
7. they bring out the best in me
8. they'll always be there when i need them, despite the distance.