28 March 2008

she fits in like pocahontas in a nu wave club.

Finalllyyyyy, Friday! Everyone, it's celebratory hug time with strangers. Yes! You heard me! Find a stranger and hug them and congratulate them for not committing any felonies during the week (they waited a whole 5 days, at the very least). I'm really disappointed that my outfit posts won't be as you know... outfit-oriented as I'd like; I took 30+ pictures yesterday of my outfits during the week and they all came out black. So. Er. I salvaged a few, so here they are.

[blank spot for thursday and friday, said day pictures were destroyed. --;]

you already saw wednesdays outfit, really. i think this week i had a lot of fun with clothes. next week i'll been looking forward to wearing my tribal print oversized tunic....bahahaha.

After seeing these pictures, I'm even more inclined to wear florals for Spring. Oh yes, I'm a regular fashion pirate. Nature is my booty.


Anyway. Aren't these pictures gorgeous?

click to enlarge.

I don't remember where I found them; they were in my cluster of BlogPics. I'll find out soon, though.