05 March 2008

it was a dark room and i just had to do it.

Warning: Badly written short story of my day. But what post on this blog isn't a badly written story about my day? Anyway. Go forth, you've been warned.

The four girls trudged along, fighting against the wind and bitter cold with bright stockings and killer hair. Having just been dismissed from school, the four teenage girls were both suitably exhausted and extremely anxious to get to their sanctuary--their saving grace--their store.

Another Man's Treasure.

*insert trumpets here*

Oh yes, too long had past since they had been in the store, and the girls were almost trembling to paw through the racks of vintage clothing and racks of gorgeous shoes. They could almost hear the music of the store in their ears.....

They turned the knob to enter.


Ok, enough of that. It wasn't that dramatic. (I only hugged the racks twice.)

But yes, It's been probably a month and a half since I've been to Another Man's Treasure, which is the best thrift store in my area. I missed it terribly, but I've been reluctant to go until I saved up $80+. I spent $20 or around that yesterday so I did have that much on me at one point, but I decided to just go today because Abigail was going to strangle me otherwise. I don't think blue would be a nice skin color for me, so I just said hell with it and off we went.

I was a bit disappointed with the clothes, but it was kind of understandable that the racks weren't as promising because the last time we went, there was a huge t-shirt and sales rack. No more, sadly.....half the t-shirts rack had been stolen and the entire sales rack with it. Both were displayed outside the small shop before and after the robbery the store owner decided to get rid of it completely. I was in shock and still am. I have no doubts it was the local school, but that doesn't make it any better.

Still, I went through the shoes and dresses dutifully. The dresses I wanted from last visit were still there but weren't marked down any so I just went over them. There was this great oversized T-shirt I wanted to buy but $25 for a big T is a bit much when I could probably get one from my Uncle's House for free. So I skipped over it and just looked around.

D: So disappointing! Nothing caught my eye (or my wallet to be more honest with myself) and I was about to leave, when a flash of black and white caught my eye. I craned my neck to see past Zoe's huge shoulder (haha, Zoe) and I went through the motions.

These are the motions:
  1. Wail. "OH MY GOD" "AHHH" "HOLY MACKEREL" or something to that effect. I am a dramatic shopper, let it be known.
  2. Point frantically. Avoid poking people's eyes out when doing so.
  3. Demand the price and size.
  4. Squeal and run away in a circle while waiting.
  5. Begin process again if size and price is right.
Oh yes. I went through all the motions. Very much so. But how often is it when you see something you hear church bells? Not very often for me. But I had good reason.

I shall let you dwell upon this for tonight. That is all.

Edit: Nevermind.

CHRISTIAN WON. YES LIFE IS SWEET. All is right in the world and the flowers pick themselves! Or at least for tonight. VICTORY.