28 December 2010

kool kat meow

Hahaha woops haven't posted in awhile huh. I figured I'd show you guys some photos I took a few months ago in the Fall when I went to that vintage trunk show. College has sucked people wise so I haven't been in the mood to blog because I have been busy hating people but poor Fashion Pirates has been neglected for a bit too long. So super long post, here you are! These pictures were taken before I got purple hair again as you can tell.... this is Kat. I got bored with Picnik and got a little too carried away with the editing but I don't think I have the originals anymore so whelp. >_>


This is the only thing I got from the trunk show, this Pendleton cape. Kinda pricey too, it's the most expensive thing I've ever purchased ($150???) But it's wonderful so I don't regret it. 
It's kinda funny how style changes on a day to day basis. I would never wear this outfit now!!!  Bleh. I wasn't feeling very inspired that day to be honest. Lately I have sooo much new (read: new vintage) in my wardrobe from shopping therapy from being home from college I haven't worn any of these items since this outfit. I got new lambskin pants a la Charlotte Gainsbourg, and this amazing lolita dress... ughhh I need to show you guys I'm so excited ughgufhg

Creeper stare in Union Square Park with my hatershadezzz. Omg I'm so obnoxious why do I exist

There was this ridiculous video of me dancing and running around Union Square in my cape, but I have no idea where it went on the memory card. I think my dad deleted it, blargh. Oh well it's not like you guys haven't seen me dance a thousand times before.......... I am an internet dancer. And now I shall show you webcam pics of my new/old hair if you don't follow my tumblr (which you should, because I post there like a million times a day because I have no life)

 This has been my new vibe lately. Pigtails and big purple bows, barbie eyes and shiny and glittery situations. I wouldn't say I dress more girly though, because I still wear long black things and obnoxious awesome things that make me happy. 

Oh I guess you can see how I decorate my dorm. I'm trying to move out of my dorm because I hate everyone there though. Mostly I watch The Addams Family and Pushing Daises and The L Word in my dorm until 3AM so I don't end up throwing people out the window. But look! Pigtails!! Also how pale I am!!!

Now that I'm home for break until Jan 18th I'm soooo much happier. Here is a peek at some new stuff I've gotten lately... bunch of furs and my Yokoo scarf which is well worn and loved and my favorite thing ever. It comes in handy during the cold winter snowpocalypse in New York and Jersey City we have gotten. It's a pretty snowpocalypse though, see my backyard???? I took these pictures from my bedroom window. I was dying to go outside and have a little photoshoot but my backyard door is blocked because of the snow so I can't go out there yet. :( 




It's kind of gorgeous what wind can do to snow, isn't it?

And here is a video I did the other day reviewing some books I've gotten recently that have to do with fashion. I'll put some preview photos from RightyRightyRight in it's own post later this week, maybe like two photos because you really should go buy the magazine.

You can buy the Circus Bookazine from it's website if you are curious about it. I'm so proud of it!! It's something I've been working on my articles for for a long time (I suppose all of my senior year in High School! Jeez.)

Woah, long post. I would have broke it up but I didn't want to wait a couple of days to show you guys. Anyway since you guys now know the gist of my college situation so far (PEOPLE ANNOY ME UGH) what was your college life like?? Suggestions?? I mean I'm thinking of transferring but it'd be nice to hear some funny situations you got into during college or just advice you have for me. Leave a comment!



Dina said...

nooo don't worry, long posts are THE best :D you look super awesome in your cape, literally only today i combed ebay inside and out trying to find a nice one! $150 is not too bad for something that will be a long-term wardrobe favourite and won't go out of style :)

Valentina said...

1. Purple is the best colour.

2. So logically purple is the best colour to have in anyone's hair.

3. I just finished my first semester of University and have been rather frustrated with my own people situation. My roommates could be worst but I'm more interested in planning trips to see High School friends than making new ones in University. I just have to find where my people are in Toronto.

Higgenbottom said...

i kept to myself in college. not sure why, as i'm not usually antisocial, but i wanted nothing to do with anyone there. perhaps because i already had a life outside of school and i just wanted to get my grades and then get out without anyone bothering me. my mom is one of those people who thinks it's important to not miss out on prom/football games/class ring/walking for graduation etc. i see her logic, but i think if that's not what you feel like doing, then you're probably not going to regret missing out.

as for advice, go to ratemyprofessor.com before you sign up for a class to see if it's really necessary for you to buy textbooks. over 90% of the time, i found out i can get away without buying them. i just took really great notes, asked lots of questions (professors usually like that-you seem interested), and took on a study buddy in that class who had a textbook. yeah, i'm cheap, but all that work not to buy a book made me a better student.

let me know how that goes.

Nana said...

Finally someone going through the same thing I am, how refreshing! I pretty much hate everyone in my university too (but I guess that not studying something I like has somehting to do with it too). I fought with almost all my "friends" this last few weeks of the semester (I mean, out of the 3 people I could stand talking to everyday I can only still bear it with one). Man how do people get so annoying and how do they all get together in one place? Seriously! If you figure something out please tell me too. But sometimes I do think that maybe I'm the person who is wrong because I'm the one who can't get along with everyone else. Maybe we should keep lower standards for people.

Arabelle said...

dina - thats a good point, the investment. you should try out thrifted @ ebay, they usually have nice stuff. and etsy!!

valentina - agreed on the purple. and find people is hard here too haha.

i'm using ratemyprofessor now, thank you for the advice!

nana- i feel like we shouldn't lower our standards for people!! it's just we haven't found the right people yet. :( maybe we're just not in the right place ya know??

gloria said...

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Kate said...



Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous you have till the 18th!! I have to go back on the first.
about college - I'm on my second year. I had friends in high school, but in college I feel like I've met people who reall get me and who make me feel supported. Thats not always the case obviously but . . . I guess my advice would be go out and meet people. Hang out in the dpts you like. Do the things you're interested and try to talk to people there. I've been shocked to discover how many nice people there are in the world. It sounds like you've had some really terrible experiences but don't give up!! You will find your tribe. Maybe the school isn't right for you. Figure out your other options. This will atleast help you discover alternatives and make you feel like you have choices.
(by the way this is iam-arranged from tumblr. feel like a bit of a stalker but w/e)

Jamie James said...

Tell the people in your dorm that you are internet famous and therefore not to be messed with!

Love the purple hair as well.

The Visual Jerbil said...

welcome back! too bad about the school sitch... atleast you looked great in the mean time? i know, this doesn't help, but just so you know your outfit posts have been missed.

Laura. said...

Good to see you are back:) Don't take college life too seriously, especially the people. I went to FIDM and I loved it! All those annoying people... You'll probably end up being their boss! Do your thing:)

eat me said...

Jesus woman, that snow! I'd crawl under your bed and just die. Me and the snow, not such great friends. But it is nice to read such a great post about snow and fashion and capes that cost a lot yet look awesome. Oh and your Tumb-Tumb is by far amazballs.

Dahl said...
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Dahl said...
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Dahl said...
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Dahl said...

Hi! I kind of stumbled upon your blog, and it is one of the few that I find truly inspirational, something I want to read and continue to read and sort of back-read (as in read through the archives). Your style is amazing--I think it is partially that you have really unique taste, and you are also so confident in yourself--from the pictures I can tell that you know exactly who you are and are pleased with it. Your video was very informative, the circus book seems especially interesting, If I hadn't just spent all my money on holiday gifts I might spring for it. But I really do want your zine! I don't know where the ask box is but I'd like to order one, please :) It sounds like my kind of zine, I'm a huge feminist, and I thought it was really interesting how you explained that, if you had read fashion mags as a child, you would be a much different person. Fashion certainly affects people in strange ways--for better and worse. As a little kid, before I knew about all the designer brands, I was happy with target clothing. I changed in middle school, partially because of different taste and also because all the "cool" kids were wearing Abercrombie, and for a while I thought that brand-names equalled coolness. They obviously don't, and I'm glad there are bloggers out there like you who are so incredibly beyond that and so ridiculously cool! It is to read and be inspired by bloggers like you that I got a blogger account. Ugh I've said a ton here, but also I nominated you for a stylish blogger award, if you'd like to pick it up, you can follow this link: http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

And I'm sorry that college kind of stinks, my Grandma switched colleges after 2 years and she ended up having 'the best of both worlds' so maybe things will work out for you. :)

Dee said...

In my first year of college, I got along with some girls in my floor, but I only stayed in touch with one of them. I guess we just didn't click as much?? I just always felt awkward. Surprisingly, I was closer to the guy floor, but I'm not a tomboy. I guess it was just less difficult to impress them?? (but I don't wanna start that whole "I only get along with guys because girls are bitchy" debate, because that's not it.)
I only lived the typical dorm life for my first year, second year I moved into the university apartments with some friends and other random people, and for the past year I've been living in a house off-campus. I live with random people from random countries that aren't students, but they're young. Sometimes it's better because you don't get stuck in that whole "university student" hole of suck, but other times it would be nice to have somebody to relate to about this. But that whole "idyllic" college experience is not for everyone.

But I'm not really one to talk. The one friend I have that actually enjoys vintage shopping and music and art and all of that stuff is going away on exchange for a year, so I will be on my own in that respect.

Also, PURPLE RULES. And turquoise.

Anonymous said...

if your college experience fucking sucks and you hate it, then transfer. your experience at your current college probably won't get better. sorry, but it's true. you just need to find the right place for you. i'd suggest maybe a small kooky liberal arts school like wesleyan or oberlin or a design school like RISD or SCAD. you're not supposed to hate everybody at your college. that is probably an indication that it is not the right place for you. good luck.

Ria said...

I love posts with video! I only like your long posts, because you're interesting. So just don't be boring and we're cool lol.

I have Style Deficit... so maybe I'll check out Japanese Goth. Bookmarking Circus too.

martina said...

you look wonderful with this hairrrrrr!!
(and the pics are lovely!!)

please visit my blog and follow!

Kb said...

Love that cape and those snow pictures are amazing! I used to hate my first and second year uni accommodation, I've just accepted that I need my own space and to be with like minded people. The worst situations were coming back to my dorm to find a load of random guys asleep in the living area and something disgusting in my pot. Another time someone left baked beans all over the hallway.

Juliet said...

Gorgeous looks!

juliet xxx

Shayna said...

Arabelle- I feel the same frustration as you do. The thing at my college is even the artsy "alt" folks are snobbish, elitist. Where's the peace & love? I"m just glad my parents are cool with me transferring to a shittier school but in a location that I like tons more. How do your parents view your situation?

iamconsideringchangingmynameandcannotcommittoanythingyet said...

hello! I don't know if this relates to the whole college situation but im in secondary school (high school equivalent) and i basically have no friends. in first and second year it was okay but it gets kinda lonely after a while. i have acquaintances though (like people in other years and guys in my year that i talk to) which is cool. anyway, i've decided to change schools because i just want to be with people who i get on with and stuff. i know people from another school and i'm going there. maybe you could find a college or at least a place where people you might relate to are? moving to a new environment with the experience you already have could be a good idea. anyway,the whole point of this comment was basically to say i'm in the same boat and, yes, it seriously sucks when you can't talk to ANYONE without the whole thing going on-like where people roll there eys and look at each ither all exasperated and stuff.

i adore your blog! i click on blog links all the time and only rarely return later. your blog, style rookie, textbook and the glamourai are basically the only blogs i keep coming back to. the photo where you are wearing a long skirt and those EPIC shoes is AMAZING! i want want want that skirt. i want it so bad that i didn't even use punctuation between those wants!:) also, here is a quote that someone posted on style rookie:
"And this for comfort you must know:
Times that are ill won't still be so;
Clouds will not ever pour down rain;
A sullen day will clear again."
Robert Herrick

so long, my friend!

bobb said...

A nice long post here:).

My college experiences were so long ago that in many ways they aren't relevant anymore. I did not like the first college I went to, then made a semi-random transfer to another school where I found a great group of friends in a much nicer, less pressured atmosphere.

diane said...

I really enjoyed your book review, and "Cheers" to you for being brave enough to honestly critique the Alexander McQueen book. He truly was beyond inspired, and any book about him should be too.
When did you shorten your name to Belle?
My youngest daughter had a few tough times being away from home at college, but she got through it. You will too. I'm pulling for you.
Happy holidays Annabelle. xo d

sojourned in style said...

the cape was well worth it! wow, that is awe-inpsiring that you have written for and assited real publications. I would order circus but im broke, i do like the whole idea behind it of individaul and unique perspectives.

AshleyDoll said...

Omgz, you'll get over hating everyone! You just have to realize that school is not your social life anymore. You can make your own social life--but you have to do scary and socially-awkward things. Then you find out that everyone is scared and socially-awkward and you get over it. Best of luck!

Kat said...

OMG, i'm so embarrassed. i didn't even know you posted these pics up. hahaha, i loved your outfit; i can't believe you wouldn't wear it now. but i can say that about lots of outfits i've worn. lol, oh wellz. that's style. it's always evolving. bah, i wish your dad hadn't deleted that video. your twirling around was super cute. ;) x

Kat said...

ooh, and about college.. DEF transfer if you don't like rutgers. sometimes i wish i had transferred but by the time i had thought about it more in depth, it was a little too late for me. so, do what makes you happy. :) x

Ari said...

I love Maira Kalman books check them out!!!!

Ari Seth Cohen


Am said...

I hated my first semester of college. It wasn't until the end of my first year that I met two of my best friends in the entire world. Out of everyone I met that were great, those two I still talk to regularly after 3.5 years and we all live in different states. My college was fairly small, but I cannot think of one person from freshman year that was still hanging out with the same group of people that they were their first semester. Some of the groups from that period were completely random!

I think transferring depends on a couple factors. If you love the education part of it, enjoy the city and think you have good opportunities there, then it may be worth staying. My school was amazing for my major and I think that made the difference in my decision. For me, it actually turned out that the types of people I thought I would have tons in common with, I really didn't. Eventually I found the people I was looking for. Sometimes I wish I had made decisions a little differently to make my career easier, but it was all part of figuring out what I wanted.

Really, for me it takes a year anywhere, not just college. When I moved to my current home it took me that long to really find my place, but I love the city, so it was absolutely worth the wait.

In short, if the education is meh, the city doesn't excite you AND you hate everyone, then definitely find somewhere that has the qualities you are looking for. I tend to think that if you love the environment you're in, it won't be too hard to find other people who want to enjoy it with you.

John said...

Thanks for the information about the McQueen book, because I was dying to buy it!

and this is peak said...

Love the red plaid with the animal print tights.

Anonymous said...

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