28 December 2010

kool kat meow

Hahaha woops haven't posted in awhile huh. I figured I'd show you guys some photos I took a few months ago in the Fall when I went to that vintage trunk show. College has sucked people wise so I haven't been in the mood to blog because I have been busy hating people but poor Fashion Pirates has been neglected for a bit too long. So super long post, here you are! These pictures were taken before I got purple hair again as you can tell.... this is Kat. I got bored with Picnik and got a little too carried away with the editing but I don't think I have the originals anymore so whelp. >_>


This is the only thing I got from the trunk show, this Pendleton cape. Kinda pricey too, it's the most expensive thing I've ever purchased ($150???) But it's wonderful so I don't regret it. 
It's kinda funny how style changes on a day to day basis. I would never wear this outfit now!!!  Bleh. I wasn't feeling very inspired that day to be honest. Lately I have sooo much new (read: new vintage) in my wardrobe from shopping therapy from being home from college I haven't worn any of these items since this outfit. I got new lambskin pants a la Charlotte Gainsbourg, and this amazing lolita dress... ughhh I need to show you guys I'm so excited ughgufhg

Creeper stare in Union Square Park with my hatershadezzz. Omg I'm so obnoxious why do I exist

There was this ridiculous video of me dancing and running around Union Square in my cape, but I have no idea where it went on the memory card. I think my dad deleted it, blargh. Oh well it's not like you guys haven't seen me dance a thousand times before.......... I am an internet dancer. And now I shall show you webcam pics of my new/old hair if you don't follow my tumblr (which you should, because I post there like a million times a day because I have no life)

 This has been my new vibe lately. Pigtails and big purple bows, barbie eyes and shiny and glittery situations. I wouldn't say I dress more girly though, because I still wear long black things and obnoxious awesome things that make me happy. 

Oh I guess you can see how I decorate my dorm. I'm trying to move out of my dorm because I hate everyone there though. Mostly I watch The Addams Family and Pushing Daises and The L Word in my dorm until 3AM so I don't end up throwing people out the window. But look! Pigtails!! Also how pale I am!!!

Now that I'm home for break until Jan 18th I'm soooo much happier. Here is a peek at some new stuff I've gotten lately... bunch of furs and my Yokoo scarf which is well worn and loved and my favorite thing ever. It comes in handy during the cold winter snowpocalypse in New York and Jersey City we have gotten. It's a pretty snowpocalypse though, see my backyard???? I took these pictures from my bedroom window. I was dying to go outside and have a little photoshoot but my backyard door is blocked because of the snow so I can't go out there yet. :( 




It's kind of gorgeous what wind can do to snow, isn't it?

And here is a video I did the other day reviewing some books I've gotten recently that have to do with fashion. I'll put some preview photos from RightyRightyRight in it's own post later this week, maybe like two photos because you really should go buy the magazine.

You can buy the Circus Bookazine from it's website if you are curious about it. I'm so proud of it!! It's something I've been working on my articles for for a long time (I suppose all of my senior year in High School! Jeez.)

Woah, long post. I would have broke it up but I didn't want to wait a couple of days to show you guys. Anyway since you guys now know the gist of my college situation so far (PEOPLE ANNOY ME UGH) what was your college life like?? Suggestions?? I mean I'm thinking of transferring but it'd be nice to hear some funny situations you got into during college or just advice you have for me. Leave a comment!