21 October 2010

purple day

As you probably know, Spirit Day was yesterday. Purple tights and purple undercut (is that what it's called? I have no idea. Kanyeshrug.)  I got into the spirit as much as I could with the limited wardrobe I've got  at my dorm. It difficult to adjust my wardrobe to be..... convenient or logical for something. Not into it. Not having all of my clothing with me has made me pare down my style a lot more than I'd like to. Building up all over again is frustrating but I'm doing it slowly.

 Walking around isn't good for high heels. I've been living in these heels for basically months now because of it. They're the most comfortable heels I own. Going back home over the weekend for some vintage sales and blow torching my college printer because it's the biggest piece of technological shit I have ever seen in my life. I am happily going to send it to Printer Hell on Saturday and I can't waitttttttttttttttttttttttt




Totally into how much like a troll I look like. Penis nose is so 2010, get into it.


Look how well I match dormitory carpeting!Okay I'm going to go back to my mid-term paper on Freud's two ideas of Ego now (read: stare blankly at The Ego and the Id for 4 hours, weep alone in library)