11 December 2008

the best of us find happiness in misery. good words, racoon eyes. good words.

Testing out the camera again. I can't find my tripods (i have 7, so this is pretty ridiculous) so i just put it on top of the printer. I quite like how it turned out. Also, this is "Tornado Outfit" #1 as deemed by one of my trusty commenters. Hi, trusty commenter!

crystal castles or something

testing out the camera

on purpose mistake picture

mistake picture o1

this is for jaime, who thinks i'm a hipster.

Glasses, Love is All Around in NYC when Maddy came to town. Shirt, gift.

The only bad thing about the camera is that it is sometimes too good. Obviously, my hair is pretty epic insane at the mo'. That is what 4 days, 13 hours of sleep and dry shampoo looks like. Also, don't forget the lucky packs on ebay! They are faaaahhhbulous.