28 December 2008


Oops, my social life made me actually forget about the blog for awhile. Forget! I mean gosh! Skating and bitching about how there are no cute gays in all of Jersey for Jaime to hit on (OK, kidding, he is far too anal to hit on anyone but the mirror) in the food court takes up a lot of my time. Also B&W2 is the most addicting shit ever. I quite enjoy being the center of the universe LITERALLY thank you very much.


I got tights and old old Helmut Lang boots from the neighbors. And more necklaces and gift cards. You?


Mmmm I also spent all the gift cards on foreign magazines. As in $70 bucks worth of mags. Oh, and Faulker. I love me some Faulkner!


Boring update, yayaya. You shall get much more soon! Also, that photoshoot I had sometime in November? Yeah, you'll see it soon. I'm so excited!

Love you x