30 December 2008

waiting for the new year.

new years.


sit right here next to me, okay?


cashmere cardigan from neighbors, necklaces all thrifted or gifts, goodwill blouse, cheap monday jeans, marshalls shoes, daddy's hat.

With my evil mastermind skills, I can make a relatively nice, sunny winter day into a depressing photo or five (as seen above). Today consisted of prancing about in a silk dress made of keffiyehs and then changing into this to go to the doctors. I've been reading To Kill a Mockingbird and The Sound and The Fury all day, watching Iolanthe on VHS, and eating health foods I got from an Indian store. I want to become an honorary Indian just for the food. Also, I have also come to the realization I am kind of, maybe, perhaps, a hipster. Uh.