05 November 2008

because I can FEEL YOUR GLARES OF ACCUSATION for not outfit posting in like, decades

My wear: All from Goodwill. Word?

This is what I wore for Halloween. I hung out with my Jersey manbitches and my Jew. We ate authentic Mexican tacos obnoxiously and watched toddlers break dance for hugs. Keane "Manbitch" was a pirate (Jack Sparrow duh), Jaime was a pregnant Joe the Plumber, Jew was Joey Ramone, and I was like... a mime-bullfighter person with no real costume. I don't really like Halloween tbqh. To make this paragraph even remotely helpful and relevant to you, Magnolia cupcakes are predictably overpriced and too sugary. Not the first time I've gone there and I hope its the last simply because it's a tourist trap.

Jew wearing mah leathuh jacket which I have been wearing nonstop because I read Jen's blog too much

The mood of Halloween is decidedly more sinister in Jersey than in Manhattan though, which is why we all went into the city. Jersey is not all that bad and truly does not smell as bad as people say, but the gang violence you hear about is totez true.

Schools were dismissed early on Friday so people could avoid the streets. Gangs marked 31 women to kill last week, apparently. Mostly I would not believe this as it was set on Halloween, but police were out patrolling Newark and my house literally had no trick-or-treaters at all. Also, last Halloween I witnessed someone about half a mile from my house get a buck fifty.

On a happier note, I have a new refrigerator!