07 October 2008

it's a psychedelic swastika, man

This is what I did Saturday.

After an intense game by myself at ITG in the mall (I am a nerd and typically play marathon sessions.), Abigail and I headed over to Meika & Warren's apartment for hair, makeup, and sweet live Vaudevillian music. Here are some snaps.

Zoe, being a true emo clown.

And now the pictures provided by Eric aka bearded lady.

Meika and Warren Franz, the most amazing and awesome and epic people you will ever meet. Coincidentally, they are the owners of Another Man's Treasure and organized this whole thing. This is their apartment. IS IT NOT AMAZING?

Me being a dork amongst beautiful people. Also I am the youngest. These do correlate.

Vaudevillian live soundtrack was provided through the entire day by Matt and Nathan. Also the originators of the swastika mirror joke. And Paul Smith shopping bags. And Where's Waldo jokes. Maybe the most down to earth people ever.

We have two videos of the show, but one of them sucks and the other hasn't yet been emailed to me. You will see it eventually, though. I'll be heading to AMT's perhaps next week for accessories and setting things aside for a secret project. Fingers crossed it goes through!