06 October 2008

decisions, decisions

So I am more than a little irritated at some people for some things. My wife knows what I'm talking about.... cough cough cough cough ONCOMING TRAIN FLASHING HEADLIGHTS SPARTAAAAAAA. It is kind of making me want to write really boring and thesis-like so when people decide that in order to be popular, they need to copy my writing style and layout and brain, they'll fall off a cliff and I will laugh at them piteously. Pit pit pit pit pit.

But I won't because I am a good person. And by that, I mean really passive aggressive-like. Like Rachel Zoe, only less grating and less blonde.

Not at all related to this, I am thinking of maybe applying for a job at the local library near my school. This would mean I would actually have MONEY (maybe even enough for THAT DRESS) but also, my life would mostly be consumed with schoolwork, the library, and more schoolwork.

I am not prepared to give up the blog completely (and also I have too much stuff in the works to drop it) but posting would definitely be sporadic. Maybe even more than it is now.

So. What do you think?