06 October 2008

decisions, decisions

So I am more than a little irritated at some people for some things. My wife knows what I'm talking about.... cough cough cough cough ONCOMING TRAIN FLASHING HEADLIGHTS SPARTAAAAAAA. It is kind of making me want to write really boring and thesis-like so when people decide that in order to be popular, they need to copy my writing style and layout and brain, they'll fall off a cliff and I will laugh at them piteously. Pit pit pit pit pit.

But I won't because I am a good person. And by that, I mean really passive aggressive-like. Like Rachel Zoe, only less grating and less blonde.

Not at all related to this, I am thinking of maybe applying for a job at the local library near my school. This would mean I would actually have MONEY (maybe even enough for THAT DRESS) but also, my life would mostly be consumed with schoolwork, the library, and more schoolwork.

I am not prepared to give up the blog completely (and also I have too much stuff in the works to drop it) but posting would definitely be sporadic. Maybe even more than it is now.

So. What do you think?


terren said...

Um I'm too selfish to allow you to do anything that will cut down on your postage.
But I am also desperately job hunting so I understand your dilemma. sorry about whatever it is that is angering you!

victoria :] said...

Well, a job at a library that isn't very busy can give you some time to relax and study for tests and stuff. (Keep flashcards in stylish granny sweater)
Hahah. But I don't want posting to be too sporadic.

Tavi said...

*subliminal messages*

Anyways. If it means you getting money for H&M, do ittttt. You know what's best for you, and while I would hate to see less posts...I will still be able to bug you with texts. So HAHA SUCKS FOR YOU BLOG WORLD, BEING A STALKER PAYS OFF. Besides, money>blogging. True fact.

Good luck with the application :)

*smoke screens, flashing words, more subliminal messages*

makemoremistakes said...

I think I will be very upset if you stop blogging. You, after all, make me want to wear table clothes.

Anna Shapiro said...

hell with that.

That is hard.
Well, in my opinion, if money will et in the way of the blog.
then blog.
cuase i LOVE your blog.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

who is copying your writing style? I must hunt them/he/she/cousin it/aliens down..

What dress?

and I thoughts librarians were volunteers?

The Stylish Wanderer said...

oh! the commes de garçons one. I got it

Amelia said...

Money and library are good things. Just keep us posted.

Hot Bot said...

i feel your pain. and i agree with Tavi: money > blog

and i'm in the job hunting market too.

Aimée in the Skyy said...

i think your writing is too unique to copy. and getting a job is good because you have less time to waste money... but more money to spend when you want to

Tavi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mer said...

Basically, I'm addicted to your blog and I would go into withdrawal symptoms if you posted less. Start twitching and scratching my face and whatnot.

hazel said...

if it means you'll stop blogging *whispers* no...
please, if getting a job equals H&M dress, then you totally should and then post equally amazing pictures, and then we'll all stare in awe at it's beauty.

and that is worth it :)

Ben said...

I say don't do it. Or do it and drop an AP class so you have more free time. the money's not worth it if you sacrifice all your free time and fun time.

Isabel said...

Jobs are good, but so is blogging. We love you, so maybe get a job and just post less instead of not at all?

P.S. Who is copying your writing style??????

hazel said...

wait? who's copying your writing style?


J. said...

I'd definitely miss all of your gorgeous outfits, but I see your dilemma...

who's been copying your writing style?? i definitely see why you'd be pissed. shall we hunt them down? write ROAAAAR in comments on all of their posts?!

hazel said...

woosh...sigh of relief.
sure i can revamp your blog.
can you revamp my internet lingo?
becuz mine is totes bad compared to you and tavi.

Nice and Shiny said...

Keep the blog and post when you feel like it! Your right youve got way too much good stuff going on here to give it all up. Do what you gotta do academic-wise and then blog when you have the time!
All in all, I don't want you to go away!! :( <3<3

Fashion Fille said...

aww oh no! whoever is copying you smells like bologna and is stupid because your style is so...YOU! and that person sucks for being jealous and unoriginal. so THERE!