17 September 2008

lazy blogger therapy

Hi, my name is Arabelle, and I I wear tablecloths.

*chorus* Hi, Arabelle.

So I woke up this morning, was too lazy to find clothes, (my room is imploding with clothes) so I decided to wear whatever cocha-hiding garment I could see. This is said garment. I don't know why someone would make such a colorful tablecloth, but they did, and now I'm wearing it as a skirt.

I wore it down for most of the day (meaning: no cinching/draping/the answer to life is bucket) so it was boring and long, but after school I decided to be a ho and shorten it by cinching it. Cinch cinch cinch.

Also, I was talking to this underclassman in the computer lab today and she was like, "I LOVE DESIGNER LABELS like Chanel and Guess." She wanted me to buy her a Coach bag from goodwill (she offered me $0.10 to pay for it), and wanted to buy my prada skirt for $10. Also, she apparently loved fashion, but didn't like to dress up for school because it's stupid.

It made me, to put it politely, VERY AGGRAVATED. On the inside. I am not so much of a fashion asshole to burst out and begin ranting. That's lowering myself to the "Aberzombie vs. Urban Outfitters argument", of which will never have merit on this blog. And also, I am fully aware that bloggers have their own "style" and cannot be seen as better or worse than any other person for it.

Still, it made me feel really snobby to even think that she was a fashion idiot.

p.s You know my hammer pant post? It was for this contest. Please drop a comment there about my entry, I really, really, really would appreciate it thousandfold. Brownies for everyone if I win!