09 September 2008

I've been reading so much on colleges I'm freaking dreaming about colleges. My mother is a very negative Asian and tells me horror stories about how my cousins (hello, HARVARD, YALE, COLUMBIA) all either failed out or didn't get in even though they were 1) top of their class 2) national merit scholars 3) jesus. She doesn't mention the cousins that are successful because that would INVOLVE NOT MAKING ME DEPRESSED.

Needless to say, I am pretty sure I am going to become a time traveling ninja pirate who will go back in time, invent sequins, make millions, come back, and live it up.

And that does not require a college degree. So there.

Omg that is a freaky photo. my hand wasn't even near the frame, where the hell did this man hand come from D:

In other news, for some reason outfit prices came up in Pre-cal today and people seemed insulted that my outfit cost $6, not including my payless shoes. Hahaha.