29 September 2008

holy progesterone, batman!

I am such a bad blogger. Boo on me. I am also known as "that tablecloth girl" and "iCarly" at school now. Whatevs, at least they like me enough to tease me... maybe...

Anyway here is today's outfit. I've been wearing variations of the same outfit the entire weekend and whatnot: skirt/tablecloth/sweater as a skirt.

I also have been wearing this shirt for like the past 3 days because I'm dull and I just really really like this shirt. Behold, my outfit two days ago.

Notice the INTENSE. DIFFERENCE. I could try to convince myself the first outfit is totally more a reference to mint. designs than the second one.....

but then I'd be lying. I just really like wearing things to death. My mom had a hernia when she saw me in these wooden beads. Apparently the necklace is like a million trillion years old from monks and is worth more than my life. Oh well, I can content myself with my sweater-as-skirt..

P.S The book I'm holding in that picture is called Style Deficit Disorder and it is my fashion bible.