29 September 2008

holy progesterone, batman!

I am such a bad blogger. Boo on me. I am also known as "that tablecloth girl" and "iCarly" at school now. Whatevs, at least they like me enough to tease me... maybe...

Anyway here is today's outfit. I've been wearing variations of the same outfit the entire weekend and whatnot: skirt/tablecloth/sweater as a skirt.

I also have been wearing this shirt for like the past 3 days because I'm dull and I just really really like this shirt. Behold, my outfit two days ago.

Notice the INTENSE. DIFFERENCE. I could try to convince myself the first outfit is totally more a reference to mint. designs than the second one.....

but then I'd be lying. I just really like wearing things to death. My mom had a hernia when she saw me in these wooden beads. Apparently the necklace is like a million trillion years old from monks and is worth more than my life. Oh well, I can content myself with my sweater-as-skirt..

P.S The book I'm holding in that picture is called Style Deficit Disorder and it is my fashion bible.


hazel said...

where'd you buy the book, because i recently found a great fashion book and am thinking of collecting them.


kristy said...

fabulous teal skirt. the 'priceless' beads match perfectly.

EMILIE said...

i love the tablecloth skirt. SO COOL!

also, love the glasses.

The Stylish Wanderer said...


Love the title, and he second table cloth too. But why are your eyes rectangle-ed out on the third picture?

Shen-Shen said...

Could you... Show us how you tie that table cloth as a skirt? I kinda love that, and I know that I will never be able to figure it out.

bewkworm said...

haha, i got you your fashion "bible" for free, before it was even released. you're welcome. i'm gonna be mentioning that till we fucking graduate. as for nicknames, you forget "bitchface" and "stylish P.E student"

Clarisse Teagen said...

Love the Blog.. Really love the blog.

Chessie said...

Is that a pokemon-ball-thing i see on your table? Oh! I always wanted one of those!

Isabel said...

I love your room and your mad wicked daring awesome TABLECLOTH style.

instantvintage said...

I love how creative you are. =)

And yay for necklaces that cost more than you do!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

love the blog...
and great outfits, you always come up with such creative stuff...

but why did you block out your eyes in one of the pictures?

come visit my blog sometime...i linked you.

nv said...

I love the second skirt/sweatshirt/tablecloth thing haha its got a great pattern

foxyroxy48236 said...

how do you take such amazing pics of yourself!??? Im trying to start a blog and I cant get good enough shots

Arabelle said...

shen-shen: sure thing! expect it to be my next post. :)

i blocked out my eyes because i looked kind of possessed. no, actually, really possessed.

foxyroxy: self timer and natural light! i would also recommend a tripod, but i don't use one all the time, i just stack books or something. trial and error-- if you go back to my first blog entries, my pictures were HORRENDOUS.

Copycat Sasha said...

I love the stripes, and the table cloth/sweater/skirts, I didnt even notice at first!

Fashion Fille said...

hahahhahahh icarly!!!!

Tavi said...

Oh, iCarly. God, what kind of loser would watch that show and videotape the fat kid strip tease? Not me, I'll tell you that for damn sure.

UM. I think these are my favorite outfits of yours. EVER. Seriously. I need to find some tablecloths...or at least more time in the morning to not throw on crap. More evidence as to why you are my wife, right here. GOD I LOVE THIS.

And...saved in my inspiration folder.

NO I am NOT stalking you and am HIGHLY insulted that you would make that INSINUATION.

*scurries away in corner with copy of outfit picture and memorizes every single detail*

Anna Pope said...

You look great. I love the striped shirt and I would wear it everyday too!

That book sounds great!

On Track said...

That outfit is awesome! It looks like it should be a really cool spread in Nylon magazine :D

GARDE-ROBE said...


Check out my little online vintage shoe shop!!


Kind regards

saray said...

Great outfits! I really like the second one :)

Johanne said...

You look so cool, tablecloth girl;D
Haha, I love Tavi's comment!


punky said...

That skirt is awesome...show us how...please!

The Frocker said...

Ignore those kids at school -- I quite like your skirts! The tablecloth one, in particular, has a lovely shape to it.

lopi said...

They both look edgy, yet ethereal. You really should do a video or photo tutorial showing how you did that! Share your wisdom with us!

Fruchtzwerg said...

amazong looks!

WendyB said...

I like your stripes.

Amelia said...

I love all of the stripes in your first outfit. The skirt in the second is amazing--the color, print and shape are really cool.

M said...

i love it!!
i love your blog btw?

Arabelle said...

lopi: will do, im editing the video as i type (well, not really, but you know)

NewYorkChique said...

loveee the skirt. such a pretty color!

Shop Therapy said...

you are the epitome of personal style. so inspiring!

Phyllis Nefler said...


white lightning said...

sweater-as-skirt is PERFECTTTTT. how do you make that shit stay? pins? love it.

Zoë said...


Mango Juice said...

your table cloth skirt is AMAZING.

Jessi Huey said...

love the shirt!!! oh, and the tablecloth skirt.. too cool :)

gilda said...

let them call you whatever you want. you look fierce!!!

beccajanie said...

I love the outfits - so creative and great - even if the same shirt is incorporated - it's a fantastic shirt!

Bojana said...

Haa you look great!!

And don't mind the people teasing you at school, I've always been teased but what the hell. At least you are original and confident. And hahahah I would quote GG " You're nobody until you're talked about". Whatever.

Anyways, I think I've fallen in love with you/your blog/ you. Woohooo!!

Love love love love

issa said...

you are absolutely fantastic! love your style..

Katie said...

those skirts are really cool. I like how they turned out, the shape is unexpectedly nice

Nazima said...

ur sweater skirt is genius!~

Doriz Jeltzin said...

Your outfits are brilliant, you look great. Also your hair is amazing. I will be back.

sara said...

your blog is beautiful.. and so are you!


sam said...

hi i love this blog so much! please take a look at mine...

Franki Skye said...

Wonderful style! Check out my blog at www.frankiskye.com if you have some time to kill :)


Little Miss Dress Up said...

you must show us how you did that!

The Clothes Horse said...

Clearly I need to start wearing tablecloths.
When I didn't get the "I-Carly" reference I knew it meant I was getting old...or maybe just uncool.

meghan said...

how did you tie your sweater/tablecloth as a skirt?

Lauren said...

this outfit is so great! i love your glasses. :)

Baby Says Boutique said...

adore these outfits! especially the first! x

sa said...


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