06 September 2008

HE IS NOT KOREAN JESUS, he's like a modern goku

Junior year of high school = lamezorz. My brain feels dead.

I know I talk about ~avant garde~ and textures and patterns and blah quite a lot, but I don't really attempt to wear it that often? When I do, I don't really document it because it's just me piling on a lot of pointy things with shiny things and parading around the house or to the corner store, what have you.

I bought this skirt whilst shopping with Stephanie. Also, behold my PRETENTIOUS SELF PORTRAIT. It's like a really bad karl imitation. And man, dusk is generous to my skin. I love natural light.

*pedostare at ben* My bad attempt at Margiela shoulders WILL CUT THROUGH YOU.

Anyway, so now that Tavi and I have both shown you our CDG inspired outfits, we will skip off into the sunset and have another epic phone conversation about Tyra and her crazy antics. *chrorus* Oh, Tyra!