21 September 2008

proof i am a weeaboo

I am such a goddamn otaku, I pretty much cried when I saw G-Dragon in this spread. Ugh I am such a nerd for Big Bang, when I heard them on one of my local cafe's soundtracks I was that obnoxious girl that hums along and dances with strangers.

ANNDDD to solidify my complete loser-status in the eyes of all the non-weeaboos that read this blog, here is my favorite MV of Big Bang for you all. If you mute at the chorus, it is totez tolerable and awesome. If you listen to the whole thing, the awesome cliche yet weird dance inducing rhythmn of it is worth it!

If you're grounded during the summer and hang out with only asian girls who enjoy Final Fantasy THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. BEWARE!

p.s i am not a tone-deaf korean fanatic all the time. only 98%. don't judge, you know you probably listen to Britney Spears unironically....