27 September 2008

we eat marshallows and fog and call it a social life

It rained yesterday, and the fog made me happy. I love my new rainboots.

It was really cloudy and depressing the entire day, which makes me happy because I like the cold. Jew and I sat in the Gazebo overlooking Hoboken and Manhattan and had deep philosophical conversations -- well, as philosophical as we can be as 15-16 year olds eating marshmallows.

When you can see your entire life quite literally in front of you, point out every place you've ever visited because it's in front of you and can be packed into a square mile, it's very scary and very sobering. You can feel trapped wherever you are.

Meanwhile, while Abigail is scared by this fact, I can content myself with my memories of underground Taipei malls and getting lost in foreign countries, insulting their government first hand, and destroying presidential apartments before I turned 6.

Good times.