14 September 2008

wtf mullet hair is not gossip worthy

Man my hair looks out of control. I need a haircut.

I have what is best described as bi-polar style. I wore black, lace, and deconstructed skirts all one week and then my mc hammer pants and shiny sequins! Now I'm quite obviously back to MT. Gloom. (This was from Sunday, btw).

On another note, I LOVE YOU ZOE. Thank you for the awesome jumper thing, it's gorgeous and harem-pant like and comfy as hell. Best thing to get in Physics.. ever?

And on yet another note (my use of transitional phrases is nonexistent), this collection of photographs = PHENOMENAL. Jaw dropping.

Speaking of jaw dropping.... thank you so much for the emails on inspiration and just general awesomeness! I literally cried reading one of them (you know who you are). I love you to pieces.