19 December 2012

the science of imaginary solutions

Finals suck, this outfit, however, does not. Sorry, I'm too grumpy to be witty. I look mad cute though so there's that.

I think all of these pieces are blog repeats -- I may have a vast closet but it's obvious what I'm into. The jacket was previously seen here. I've definitely worn this shirt before on the blog, but years ago... I'll be surprised if you can find the post in the dark and endless cave that is the blog archive. The velvet skirt is a find from Goodwill. I found some similar options for you though if you want your own. These frames are actually from Coastal, I got them for like $20 total with my prescription -- they're the brand Derek Cardigan if you are curious. I quite like them but I wear my vintage frames more.

Above photos by Kimi of Tan Camera, bottom one was using my phone and FxCamera (my current favorite app. So good.) The photos were in just a nondescript section of the park from the last post -- right behind a church, which is suitable for such a witchy outfit, I suppose.


Katia said...

Something about long long velvet skirts I just looove - I found one at good will once too, deep blue velvet, and I love it !


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

there's something about this that I love. The long velvet maxi? Your purple hair? The photo op? It's all of it!

Emily said...

Such a neat jacket! I bet it would be so sweaty to wear though ):

Psychedelic Daisy said...

UMM ARABELLE, CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZING THIS OUTFIT IS?! THE JACKET! THE SKIRT! You look like a witchy babe and this outfit makes me cry tears of love <3


Grommets said...

That jacket looks like it might 'lock in the flavor' but it looks amazing none the less!

Franceta Johnson said...

I just had a moment of sobbing over how perfect that jacket is. Love this look!

Hannah Brukharden said...

Great style , u look great with that jacket!


Anonymous said...

thank you for your blog. so much of what i loved about bloggin/tumblr has turned into a majorly negative space. as someone who has been suffering with major anxiety lately, i couldn't handle a lot of the shit bloggers were dealing to each other. it's nice to shut off my brain once and a while and enjoy makeup and fashion posts, and just be happy and me.

Shaz said...

I love this outfit so much! Especially the skirt.


Delia Salsabila said...

This is fantastic


areena ✿ said...

u r so kewt sigh


Arabelle said...

anon - yeah i feel you so hard on this. that's why i left tumblr for awhile, and why i'll likely not ever return in the capacity that i was on it to begin with. it stressed me the fuck out and brought me to a bad place. re-evaluate what i can afford to do with my time and heart. let me know if you ever wanna talk about it or stuff, my email is on da blog. much love

Birdie wears a tie said...

gfscfpdfoigäpHD HOW PERFECT! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! <33


Birdie wears a tie said...

gfscfpdfoigäpHD HOW PERFECT! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! <33


Eryn said...

I loooove thesssee photos. Your outfit is beautiful.

Skye & Isabella said...

Your hair is spectacularly witchy in these photographs. It's perfect. You are the coolest!

B said...

I've never known how to use a velvet skirt.

Love your mood in the photos.

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Sandy said...

amazing pics xxx

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