12 December 2012

empty spaces

Two weeks ago -- geez, time is running away from me -- Kimi of Tan Camera came over to my digs and we explored my little city suburb of gloom and dog parks. I don't really know my own neighborhood as well as I do Manhattan, there's nothing to do here and it's not the safest, but it's my own and I have a lot of old memories here. Not many new ones. I took Kimi to my old haunts from when I used to play with the neighborhood kids, most of who have moved away, gone to juvie, or are just running in different circles now. We've all changed so much, but funnily enough, the landscape? Not so much. Same state of perpetual and grand decay.

You can click the photos to enlarge. They are all taken by Kimi (@tancamera).


 This is actually a prom dress my mom made from when she was a teenager, or for some event similar to prom. She told me the story when I was in middle school when I asked, and I'd never worn it until now because the shoulder pads. I never went to my senior prom, but every party I go to is a better version of prom than the real thing could have ever been anyway. No regrets. This fountain has a lot of memories too. I got stuck in the snow around it with my old dog during a blizzard once for a few hours. Another time, I was playing on the ice in the fountain over break, and the cops yelled at us and chased us out (three times).

And other times, other moments.



I'll see you soon.