30 August 2009

buy POP and be cool and cultured and indie and shit and win the hipster olympics (not really, but you should really buy it)

So you probably found out already on Mizz Lightning's blogthing but my favorite people in the whole world -- Elizabeth, Laia, Fake Karl, and Tavi, and Eden got together for this little magazine called POP. I worked on the very beginning brainstorm ideas with them but I couldn't go, because well, my mom is a complete heartless demon woman, etc etc etc. But the issue is awesome and you should buy it and revel in their hard work because then the issue will sell well and then I can kill my mom for revenge for not being able to go. Kidding! Maybe.

But seriously thank you Dasha for everything and the gang, the magazine came out great. I'm proud.


Mary said...

Belle........ How did you get to be the coolest person ever? God.

I'm sure you would have had a hilarious write up.

diane said...

If I had two nickels to rub together I would buy it. I hope it sells well. xo

Oriane said...

Tavi is so cool on the cover !

C said...

Been waiting for this. Will buy it as soon as it arrives in Sweden, though might be quicker for me to return to England.

keira antoia rose said...

Awesome! I just saw the cover.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Faux Naif said...

man, 'tis already epic, but 'twould have been moreso with you (why am i writing like a shakespearean fool? meknows not). hope you don't feel too bad...*waves of sympathy*

Dannie said...

wow, it wouldve been amazing to see you in this! sowwy

hannah said...

thats so awesome, i cant wait to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Wow im so jealous.
Please can you check my blog i just recently started.

SO. said...

how would we be able to obtain one. and i love your reference to big bang on your previous posts. hilarious.

Anonymous said...

you r just plain weird

Olivia Tripp said...

Bought this magazine just because Tavi was on the cover. It was worth it!

ooo, and I love your blog :)

MissMI6 said...

Already got my copy!! :) AWEEESOME.

Olivia Tripp said...

check out my blog, with a post all about POP magazine. :)


fabricatedends said...

I am so impressed.

Anonymous said...

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