03 September 2009

in which i discuss the polarity of old women and my own huge ego

Wow, school starts soon. Balls. Despite the lurking horrors of senior year and college applications (Hiiiiii, Wesleyan, hiiiii I love youuuuuu) I promise to resume outfit posts and just make it seem like I actually give a crap about bloggings again. I know I lost like 10,000 daily views because of my laziness and I don't really care, but I just feel happier when I'm blogging actively.

Anyway, the amazing people at Rachel Roy emailed me a month or so ago (?) and said they'd like to send me a gift. Who am I to say no?! Anyway I got it in the mail a few days ago and it's gorgeous, perfect, lovely, ethereal, e



Also, in less than twelve hours I'll be jet setting to the "Big Apple!!!". Does my tourist excitement annoy you yet? Actually it's only ten minutes away from my house and I go in every week so it's not really climactic or anything in that sense but I'll be going to meet my favorite persons: Tavi and Brooke and the rest of the weardrobe conference girls!! Here's a hint of what we'll be doing:


breathe. calm. wave sounds.



Anna said...

wooo. hope i run into you guys, haha.

Anonymous said...

wow... i so feel your pain... I am in my senior year too and all those college decisions are looming. Wish you the best.

Lucy in the Sky said...

have fun in NYC! how cool, Flickr is sponsoring the event! I hope you get into Wesleyan...tough competition but I think you can do it. Knock em out with those boxing gloves. But make sure they get back up so they can send you an acceptance letter.

Isabel said...

Heck yes! Have fun, Belle!

In-tree-gue said...

ahh i'm so jealous about the weardrobe thing, i think i would have a heart attack and start speaking in noun adjective form if i was ever in a room with you, Tavi, and Brooke. God senior years horrifies me, especially considering i'm dieing with AP euro and ap art history as a sophomore.

bobb said...

Enjoy the Weardrobe conference. It should be great!

diane said...

Honey, no need to apologize (was that an apology?) for how you blog. Honestly, I keep coming to your page because you are not like everybody else.
Senior year. . . .horrors. At least it will be done with in June.
NYC. . .cool. Have a great time. Boost your immune system before you go with some natural stuff, like zinc & echinacea. xo d

Belle said...

That necklace is beautiful!
I hope you have a good time in nyc

ASHEN diamonds said...

love the imagery on your blog - and college is definitely the best time of your life

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lisa said...

lucky you! can't wait for you to report back!

check out my blog at

Jenny Cindy said...

Sounds great - have a great time!

miriam said...

have fun, looks like it's gonna be a blast!

Is This Real Life? said...

Oh such a cool girt, it looks really pretty!
And enjoy NY!

C said...

Hope you will have a gd time

N said...

I just graduated from Wesleyan this past May, and I miss it like crazy. I hope you get in, good luck!

Anonymous said...

incidentally, i just graduated from wesleyan. it is a fabulous place ... i hope you get in!

dy said...

have fun!

Anonymous said...

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