04 September 2009

Weardrobe NYC: DAY 1

So today kicked off the first day of the Weardrobe Conference! 21 bloggers came including me and it's absolutely insane: today we did photoshoots and just got to know each other with interviews and pizza and hanging out in expensive hotel rooms that smell of herbs and MONEY and GOOD LOOKING STRANGERS.

We're staying (Me, Tavi, and Brooke) in a double bed version of this room. It's really nice and I think I'm going to end up beating Tavi up in my sleep but thats ok because I am a fan of revenge and will allow her to throw hot water on me if i do so:

It's gorgeous! The whole hotel is gorgeous. Here are some pictures of whats been going on so far -- total insanity. Tavi and I will do a vlog this weekend to bring you guys up to speed and stuff.


Jessica from WhatIWore is so gorgeous and nice! Legs miles long, the photographer has obsessed with her and Brooke's glasses (slow and steady wins the race, SO JEALZ)

Sara, Amy, and Brooke being gorgeous and fashiony and whatnot


Cheap Monday swag. I thought it was originally scarves or something but of course I was pleasantly surprised. I grabbed the polka dot ones and some great grey ones.

Hello children! Belle is too exhausted and tired aka LAZY to write so she's fondling her Where the Wild Things Are figurines while I write. Clearly I am The One That Cares in our relationship.
(oh, this is Tavi btw.)

Oh, and about the jeans above, I thought they were ties laid out for my dad and Belle's dad because they have to share a room tonight. They are currently being old man-y over drinks, which would probably mean Lactaid for my father and something cool that says "I partied with Patti Smith and Freddie Mercury" for Belle's (he did. It's nuts.)
Goodies! Shoes, shoes, gift cards, shoes, jewelry, candles, more lovely things we'll all probably babble on about for weeks. Meh meh meh meh meh.

Yayyyy I love people.

It's like Christmas! Tim Gunn can be Santa Claus. This is because I watched an old season of Proj on the plane when I should've been sleeping/doing homework (the slash is necessesary as when I do homework I am usually 9/10s asleep.)

Ok, speaking of SLEEP, aka finishing Ghost World, I guess we must be off. TA TAAAAAAAAAA
Belle and Tavi and Brooke (in spirit)