23 September 2009

badass looks that are badass and have london accents

Totally diggin' LFW so far. NYFW was great and all being my first time there, but it's still by far not my favorite FW.

Rodarte (Hiiiii guys Tavi has so many stories about you it makes me die) and MJ are obviously pro, but London, Paris, Tokyo, Copenhagen/Berlin (ILY ANTOINE!) are the shit. We cannot deny this. They are the fecal matter of joy. I bet if they were actual fecal matter they would smell like brownies, they're so good.


1-3: Peter Pilotto - I was at Opening Ceremony when I bumped into Julia Frakes of Bunny Bisous/Paper Mag. Can't wait to teach at TVFU with her! But they had a rack of Pilotto and Rodarte... the Rodarte was on the floor, Tavi and I gasped a little. But the Pilotto! Holy shit! So beautiful in real life. I really love this collection, the shapes are something I already love to wear. And the clashing patterns are dope.

4.Antonio Berardi: I didn't expect to like this collection (gotta admit, I'm not a total fan of neutral colors. i got the jersey syndrome, sequins and patterns and tacky all around) but it was really nice. I'd actually wear a lot of it, it had nice structure and I could see someone offsetting the neutral colors with something obnoxious.

5-7. Paul Smith - TOTALLY IN LOVE with 3/4th's of the collection. It's like what I like to wear, only better and more expensive and BETTER. I aspire to dress this way. Also red is my favorite color. And the draping reminds me of the Bump collection of Rei's (shit, everything reminds me of that collection because it was the collection that got me into fashion.) but it's easier to wear.

8. Aquascutum - Didn't really like any other look but this. You know I am obsessed with that jacket. I'd wear it with ANYTHING. I am a harlot for two tone.

9. Basso and Brooke - Hi BB I want to wear everything in this collection I couldn't choose just one so I printed them all out and made a shrine of you on my wall but if fell down when I slept so I woke up to you and that is A OK WITH ME