19 September 2009

me at fashion week

Fashion Week was fun! Met a super nice guy, he got me backstage at Y3 bc he was walking. Anyway, outfit post/randomness. Here's a shot from Everythingstlye.com I grabbed. Link from the photo - SO MANY AWESOME PICTURES.


Vintage purple blazer, vest, tshirt - Goodwill
Brooches - Reader's Gift & Goodwill
Vintage belt
Sequin Navy Harem Pants - Revasseur by Gilda.
Hooker Shoes of Epic Win and Babies Tears - I'm not telling you because then you'll buy it and I'm selfish and they're all MINEEEE HAHAHAHHA

I love these shoes. They have knuckle rings as the heel. See?

my shoes came!!!

Yeah bitches I win at shoe shopping. I love sex store shoes!