13 October 2009

Random Photo Dump of Weardrobe

I am too tired to elaborate on the Weardrobe thing (but it was AWESOME) and you'll probably have read the updates on the 20 other blogs talking about it, but I want to show you the pictures anyway that I took.




I'm obsessed with taking pictures of Brooke and her haircut obviously.

Then we headed out to Beacon's Closet, and I grabbed up some epic wedges, no thanks to their BITCH ASS HORRIBLE staff. I know i'm supposed to be gracious and stuff but I wanted to bitch slap their soul back into their mother's uterus.

After that unpleasant experience we went to Buffalo Exchange, and the staff were ANGELS. They said we should have a dance party and gave us water and bags, and in general were just the nicest staff I've met in awhile. Sweet dudes.


I have a girl crush on Claire and her gorgeous hair and shoes. GIRL CRUSH WITH ME AND WE CAN START A FAN GROUP WITH CREEPY POSTERS OF US PHOTOSHOPPED NEXT TO HER!