18 October 2009

apparently i look like a southern belle on acid.

I've always had a lot of random hats -- family heirlooms, gifts, etc. In the past few weeks I've accumulated six more hats, the pink and white tophat are my current favorites though. I wore them to school and apparently I look like a southern slave holder in it or someone who bets on horses. Kinda rad. The total I've spent on hats is rad too: $3! In total. Yeah I feel yo hate *brushes shoulders off*

I spent two bucks on this last goodwill trip. Goodwill has been bumming me out lately, since more hipsters go there now (I HATE YOU ALL) and take all the good stuff and are rude to the employees and steal shit out of my shopping cart. Yeah I know who you are, and I will hunt you down. BUUTTTT HAPPY MOMENT TIME

Oh yeah guys. Oh yeah. I know you're drooling. Yeah dude. THEY GLOW WITH GOODNESS

Also a super rad recent purchase for me. $15 bucks at Beacon's Closet, ya dig?