30 August 2009

one of the best runway shows ever to be put on ever

Uncle Karl and I were on the phone a long while ago talking about our favorite shows, books, and his past session of book club with our mutual favorite bunny. He mentioned this show, and seeing as fashion week is just around the corner (are you going, ladies? I'll keep you updated but it would be nice to meet some of you!) I thought it'd be fitting to show this to you.

One of the top... five best shows ever to be put on ever.

It is amazing. One of the (many) instances I've cried is when I first watched this. TBQH I suck at reviewing things.. the more I love something the more I curse about it and say "oh my god jesus baby kawakubo lanvin taooooooooooooo" and make odd gutteral noises and clawing motions.


Anonymous said...

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camille said...

i actually clutched my heart while watching this. beyond words.

CMA said...

this is beautiful
thanks for sharing

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Vamoose said...

my heart is still pounding after watching this.
i'm struggling to find words, but thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sammi said...

Absolutely amazing. Beautiful. Fabulously gorgeous. I'm slack jawed.

Leslie said...

My eyes misted over. Damn that Yohji (and his ethereal choice of impressionist music).

Molly Rose said...

Johji Yamamoto truly is a fashion genius!

jameson ruth said...

i love those huge, full dresses paired with the extremely long coats.

Devin B. said...

I have never loved an entire collection, every single piece before. And I cannot believe the beauty behind this collection, its as if the romantic touch onto avant garde has lightly floated across the keyboard and onto the runway, absolutely visionary. thanks for sharing :)

In-tree-gue said...

That collection simply is beautiful. I love it when she just opens the skirt up and starts dressing herself. This would have been great to see in person.

In-tree-gue said...

ugh those closing dresses are so beautiful

Fashion Obsessed said...

holyshittt i agree, i didn't think anyone else really watched Yoji but your like my soul sister hahaah

Lucy in the Sky said...

wow...this is beautiful! Such lovely, delicate pieces, not anything harsh or extreme...stuff that you can't expect from today. And Yamamoto has such a sense of humor! lovelylovely!

Lottie said...

totally agree, the show is moving and i dunno whether its the hormones or whatever, but tears came to my eyes :p

Kruse said...

What they said...

roxy B said...

I agree.. I watched it twice..

Rosé Magritte said...

runway shows that have more than just a walk turn walk feeling to it always have a profound effect on me, it seems. i think this one is brings forth so many emotions because it had a ethereal romanticism about it no? both the wedding sonnet and debussy just confirms it.

what hits the most with this though is how they slowly and elegantly shed their clothing, these fantastic pieces that literally flow with the models' bodies - not only because they're skinny and tall and anything works on them, but because the clothes themselves have a life of their own. they're speaking with each of their steps (the drapery of the pants is a thoroughly blatant example). and then suddenly they remove them and they lay there on the floor in a mess of their own fabric. it's like their death occurred the moment they lost a connection with the human body. it's tragic in a sense.
the (air-filled?) skirt was definitely the worst though. first it was shed of it's skin and then when she removed it he flopped to the ground, keeled over and died. suddenly an inanimate object. that was the one that definitely brought me to tears.

but that's only one small aspect of the show - the entire collection is so brilliant it makes my heart swell. everything is brought together so brilliantly, even the music is breathing into the clothes. seriously. how nearly every person in that room didn't fall over and being to weep profusely is beyond my ability to comprehend.

(sorry, it seems i took the liberty to write a novel long review in your post's comment box? so yeah. sincere apologies)

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Eva Internazionale said...

I can relate to your last paragraph so much. It's so hard to say anything coherent about something as beautiful as this.

He might be my favorite designer although I hate having favorites.

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