30 August 2009

one of the best runway shows ever to be put on ever

Uncle Karl and I were on the phone a long while ago talking about our favorite shows, books, and his past session of book club with our mutual favorite bunny. He mentioned this show, and seeing as fashion week is just around the corner (are you going, ladies? I'll keep you updated but it would be nice to meet some of you!) I thought it'd be fitting to show this to you.

One of the top... five best shows ever to be put on ever.

It is amazing. One of the (many) instances I've cried is when I first watched this. TBQH I suck at reviewing things.. the more I love something the more I curse about it and say "oh my god jesus baby kawakubo lanvin taooooooooooooo" and make odd gutteral noises and clawing motions.