22 July 2009

got my mojo workin

Hey guys! So you might notice a new shiny weird/creepy/awesome thing in the sidebar. It's my t-shirt as part of the Blogger Collaboration! Me, Tavi, Uncle, Elizabeth, Laia, Jen (I miss talking to you girl!), Susie, Danny made our own designs for the collaborations with Karoline and Andrew. Thank you guys for being so patient with me.

Anyway, the creepy old guy is someone super super close to me, who I inherited my creepy and slightly asshattish humor from. My dad! Plus our pet monkey, Sybill. Actually, I wasn't alive when he had the monkey (or the parrot who cursed fluently) but I think he secretly loved it more than me. I also have a fascination with cyclops', so the mix of my favorite things in the world made a creepy and super awesome tshirt you should buy and wear proudly, creeping your friends out and upping your art cred.

Buy it! All the cool kids are doing it!

As a celebration of the fact, I made some polyvores of the tshirts in the collaboration. I'm also gonna bring out DA BIG GUNZ a.k.a the lucky packs (that I'm still getting emails about even though it's been like, six months?!) after I sell some of these shirts. I already have some amazing ones in the process of being packaged but I want to sell the shirts first. I doth am a cruel master, I do contend. Or something.

I haven't got time to do the others, but you get the idea. Shirts = automatic offers for Stella McCartney shoes personally offered by Kate Lanphear, or something equally awesome. Do it!